Cave announces the development of new work of the new work of Okamoto Yoshiki Produce-TV Asahi · La Game Production Committee to dissolve

Cave was developing for the company's development ** Development of new smartphone games.

Oka Road Overpass / Viaduc Chemin d'Oka - Mar 2022 "Smartphone Game Production Committee" is launched by Cave TV Asahi-Game's investment on March 31, 2020 (PDF). Keib's Director, Okamoto Yoshigami, is produced by producing and promoting new smartphone games, which has been produced, and has been organized for the purpose of increasing successful success after release and maximizing earnings.

About the reason for the development of development, it has become difficult to secure quality of customer needs and business environments, changes in business environment, and trends in competitors, etc. It is said that it was decided to cancel the game and dissolution of the production committee, to allocate the new smartphone game where you can expect more revenue of Mr. Yoshito Okamoto. I am planning to be cleared on July 31, 2022.

Cave announces capital alliance with games on November 1, 2021 (PDF). Within the Financial Results Supplementary Supplementary Material (PDF), which was released on January 14, 2022, was described in a smartphone game that seems to have been discontinued.

In addition, since the development cost that occurred by the current point is full of development consignee, it seems that the total amount of investment is expected to be recovered. It is announced that the use of the investment expected to be recovered is to consider "investment in the development of the new smartphone game".

※ UPDATE (2022/3/18 21:55): Since there was some mistake in the heading, it corrected and re-released.


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