How to unlock Olympus XL Tifo in FIFA

Fifa 21 - How to find and apply an animated TIFO to your stadium As part of the recent FIFA 22 and Apex Legends cooperation in FIFA Ultimate Team, several new cosmetic items have been added. These items include icons, typho and sets that can be purchased in an in-game store for a limited time.

Players can unlock Olympus XL Tifo by buying the final set of "legends" for 180,000 coins FUT or 1,500 FIFA coins from the Premium Bundle list in the Browse menu. This unique award is a thematic map of Apex Legends Tifo, which you can use to modify your FUT isna.

Olympus - a steaming city located on the planet Psamate. Once the city was used to conduct scientific experiments and research in the Waiter, and now became a house for Apex Games. In addition, the LEGENDS bundle set includes kits and icons for three characters from Apex Legends - Wraith, Gibraltar and Octane. It also includes Legends Tifo and stadium theme for additional setup features.

Stay with us in games manuals for professionals to learn more about FIFA 22. In the meantime, read our articles on how to get Wraith sets, Gibraltar and Octane Apex Legends in FIFA Fut and how to add friends to FIFA 22.


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