Lost ARK: So your best starts upgrade

The Level phase of Lost Ark until level 50 is known to be free from every grind. This should have been a positive surprise for every MMO fan, who has ever tried other online role-playing games from the Asian room with Free2Play payment model. In the endgame of Arkesia, however, it's not complete without Greeting - at least if you want to bring halfway the Itemlevel your hero (and maybe even some twinks) on animal 3-level.

Much of the character progression of Lost Ark (Buy Now) runs over the appreciation of equipment. However, to enhance weapon and armor, you need the right upgrade materials. And since the appreciation process can also fail more often from a certain stage, plenty of upgrade materials are needed to ultimately achieve the ITemlevel of 1,370+, through which to access the ** in March for the first time in March. Receive. In this guide, we will therefore tell you how to top upgrade materials in Lost Ark, without issuing money or blue crystals. Here we go!

Do not forget the fun!

Before we tell you which activities are worthwhile and weekly worthwhile to farm upgrade materials, a disclaimer: Do not forces you to play repeatedly content that is not fun. Especially since the endgame of Lost Ark consists not only from the ITemlevel hamster wheel. Alone the more than a hundred islands with all their events and quest straps canceled, you can deal for weeks (and also provide with a lot of upgrade materials). But there are also PVP, the Housing Island, the professions, the completion of the adventure foliation and, and, and. Our recommendation: Lost Ark plays in your own pace and do not let yourself be stress!

Upgrade materials farms - daily content

These daily content is currently providing you in Lost Ark with particularly many upgrade materials:

  • Uses Procyon's compass under the mini card to tackle the daily area bosses, chaos portals and adventure islands. Focus mainly on adventure islands that give gold and / or pirate coins.
  • Every day makes the two chaosing sound visits for your current animal level as well as the Guardian Raids.
  • In Unas tasks, your daily quests that provide you with upgrade materials. Also the worthwhile.
  • Currently, the Guardian RAID Event takes place in Arkesia **, where you fight three Guardian bosses on a strike. Do that every day! In the species, you not only get access to upgrade materials, you can buy books at the event dealer, with which the chance of success of an enlargement increase by ten percent (also pays attention to the right animal level!).
  • Also the event "The Grand Prix of Arkesia" is still running. Also take part on this race every day!

Lost Ark: Currently, a special guard RAID event runs that you should join in every day. Source: Destruction Stone

Upgrade Materials Farms - Weekly Content

Add to this content that you can take every week once:

  • Once in the week you can complete the ghost ship RAID . You can also find it about Procyon's compass, and there is a separate ghost ship for each animal level.
  • Every week makes the current abyss for you.
  • Clatter the different dealers every week, where you can buy upgrade materials. 1) the current event dealer of the Guardian RAID Events, 2) The dealer of the Events "The Great Prix of Arkesia", 3) of the PVP dealer, in which their coins of the courage can exchange for really many upgrade materials, 4) The guild dealer in which you get rid of your deserved Sylmael blood stones and 5) the merchant ships in the ports that want to have pirate coins of you.

Tip: If you have not used the island events enough pirate coins, you can use selection chests with navigation coins to get the important currency. Sun coins bring you the most pirate coins (20 per coin).

Twinks help with farms

HONING MATERIAL OVERLOAD! Get ready to upgrade! Patch notes rundown Thanks PowerPass you can bring more characters at level 50 in Lost Ark, as soon as your first character has reached a certain point of the main campaign. Who has the time, can use these twinks to farm further upgrade materials. While there are many contents that work coader-crossing (and can be made every day or weekly only with a character of the squad - such as the special events), but other content such as the exchange of pirate coins and Sylmael blood stones or UNAs can be done Perform with every character.

Gifts of great value

Last but not least, we want to show you again on the recent gifts from Amazon Games, that made it with the last update . Part of this package were also plenty of upgrade materials, whereby the animal 3 objects are of course particularly valuable:

  • 5 jump stone selection chests
    • Harmony jump stone X50
    • Life jump x50
    • Honorary jump x30
  • 6 Wächterstein selection chests
    • WächtersteinFeinFragment X1000
    • Wächterstein X1000
    • Wächtersteinkristall X200
  • 2 Destruction Stone Selection Chests
    • Destruction Stone Fragment X1000
    • Destruction x1000
    • Destruction Stone Crystal X200
  • 1 selection of chest: Special material for reinforcement
    • K1 Metallurgy-Book X2 & Schneider-Buch X10
    • K2 metallurgy-book X2 & Schneider-Buch X10
  • 2 fusion material selection chests
    • Caldarr fusion material X50
    • Less oreha fusion material x25

To get the gift, switches to the Ingame Store and from there in the product inventory. There you can then select and pick up the package.

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