Star gamer expects LOL: "If I was not an expert, I would not play Soloq more"

BeiLeague of Legends of the South Koreans Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok for 9 years is one of the most well-known and finest players.

That is Faker?

  • Faker is the "Lionel Messi" of LoL, something like an international superstar of the game. He has currently gathered titles in very early LoL was in 2013, 2015 and 2016 globe champion. In South Korea, he is seen as "ambassadors of the nation": A political leader also required special treatment for him, they should summon the armed forces service until after his career it yet.
  • Faker is a Midlaner in LoL, he plays sorcerer as well as assassin, is understood for its extremely deep Champion Pool, understood for amazing plays as well as nerves of steel.
  • Currently Faker desires a number of weak years, once more in great form: He has the all-time document for a "great beginning to the season" braked with his group T1, in the LCK than T1 17 organization games won straight.

Even the very best gamer has little effect on result of a LoL suits

That bothers Faker straight: In a Twitch stream on 16 March Faker stated, according to a translation:

When he reaches players that simply "checks", do not take the game seriously or on tilt and also offer on your own as super star might such as Faker take no decisive influence on the video game.

"If I were not a professional, I would certainly not solo queue to play any longer due to the fact that it's no enjoyable. [...] "9 out of 10 video games as port equipments. If it's like currently, then I see no feeling to play it. "


What specifically does he imply ? Faker fights with his fellow players in the solo line.

It is for Fakers vision in 90% of instances totally depends on good luck, whether he wins or sheds. Similar to a fruit machine decides not the ability of the gamer, yet to get great players lucky sufficient, whether you win or shed.

This is likewise connected to the reality that Faker plays in the Oriental solo line up as well as there are problems with "international players" below. Can undoubtedly play via special accounts there with all the high-ends, but frequently do not take also seriously the SoloQ just how the professionals want.

video game is fine - annoy players and "even worse than ever before"

_ So _ is the conversation: On reddit is discussed the statement of the fabulous Fakers:

10 Times Gamers Got BANNED For The Right Reasons * Basically, we discover the existing meta in LoL really fine - the players were but "worse than ever" * A player states he play since 2017 - he has never ever had so little enjoyable in LoL. Every video game is so, like throwing a coin who obtain the even worse players arbitrarily assigned. * It is now really hoped that it frets Riot when the "best gamer of perpetuity," states something like "Your game is not fun." On reddit to be significant modification expected.

What could be a remedy A proposal claims Riot Games would certainly transform the evaluation of players?:

  • Alone the group success count now however a system * One desires flows in the private efficiency in the assessment, such as the KDA

Although some players are presently pleased with the Meta, Riot Games screwed in the background on some solutions:

LoL reveals systemic modifications to Meta, to solve a big issue

BeiLeague of Legends of the South Koreans Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok for 9 years is one of the most popular as well as best players.

What exactly does he mean ? Faker fights with his fellow players in the solo line up. It all depends on the players that are attracted versus him in matchmaking.


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