Test of Gran Turismo 7: a fascinating simulation of realism

25 years that it lasts. A beautiful love story between a Japanese video game studio, polyphony digital and the world of car racing. Gran Turismo is, in the PlayStation universe, the reference of automotive simulations. Here we talk about strict and serious management, realism, perfect trajectory to get the best chronos. Suffice to say that it does not laugh, and yet, the followers, especially in France, are numerous.

With this Gran Turismo 7, Kazunori Yamauchi, at the head of the studio and the project, once again delivers an ode to the world of the automobile with a formula that remains (too much?) Faithful to the DNA of the series. As proof, we start the game with the license events. In total, have five licenses cut into ten events to learn the basics of piloting that await you. Learning to accelerate, know how to brake, negotiate a pin, the first licenses are easy but things are struggling in particular with the latest super S license where you need to learn to tame more powerful machines to achieve the fastest chrono. Suffice to say that the regulars of the series will not be exotic.

No more than with Gran Turismo Café who offers 39 menus to invite you to participate in championships, races or to learn the basics of automotive preparation. We even discover here videos returning to the history of the bolides or brand with anecdotes, technical or historical info. In short, a real mode for lovers of beautiful mechanics especially as, as always, GT7 stages real bolides. Yet the formula of this coffee remains there again close to things seen in the previous opus with a redundant character.

Fortunately, the Challenge mission (already present in GT Sport), brings a little variety by offering 48 different challenges and sometimes very original as for example, cover the greatest distance with a quasi empty gas tank. On the numbers, the game aligns some 34 circuits without real novels compared to the previous opus. On the vehicle side, there is no less than 424 but with 56 new models (mainly from the Porsche and Ferrari side), where the Gran Turismo 5 or 6 offered... More than 1,000 different. Still, the selection is beautiful and that once again, the level of detail in the reproduction of vehicles is remarkable, as well on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 (the game being available on both generations of consoles).

Especially since it is obviously possible to "tuner" his bolides: bumper, side skirts, diffuser, fin, hoop or even the type of bulb for the headlights, there is something to do. And side rims you have the choice between 130 different models, just like painting with a catalog of 1,200 shades. What to optimize his vehicle in detail for realistic driving sensations that still remain pretty unique.

A dynamic weather

This opus also offers dynamic climatic conditions. A small novelty that does good. You can start a race under the sun to finish it in the rain, which radically changes the experience. Not the right to error during these sharp races that will delight the adepts of demanding simulations.

Because GT remains gt. A realistic racing game, serious to tell everything, and encyclopedic. If the owners of Gran Turismo Sport will find few innovations with this opus, players who have played no longer played in Gran Turismo since the sixth part will discover a unique title that provides hundreds of driving hours at flying More beautiful bolide of the planet. An experience that remains apart and you have to discover, especially if you have never put their hands on an opus of this worship saga.

Gran Turismo 7 Review - Absolutely Mind-Blowing

Gran Turismo 7, Sony, on PS4 and PS5.


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