What happened to the story of "Kirby of the Stars" in the past 10 years? Kirby's Story Terring and Its Future

Kirby is a mysterious creature. If everyone can see it. Flying and sucked and copied. The mysterious pink underwear is the presence of Kirby. Therefore, the story that develops around Kirby will also have many users who are recognized as a fancy story like a fairy tale.

However, in fact, the story over Kirby does not go straight. The scenaries to be spoken in "Kirby of the Stars" (hereinafter referred to as Kirby) series changed due to the times, and at that time they have shown completely different facial expressions. In particular, considering the "Kirby" depicted by Mr. Sakurai, who worked on the first "star Kirby", it can be said that the storytelling of the "Kirby" series in the contemporary changes at all.

So, in this paper, we would like to look back on the narrative in "Kirby" in the past 10 years before the "Kirby of the Stars" to come on March 25th. It would be appreciated if you can help you get to make a new work from the viewpoint of the past and present. This paper aims to look back on the mainstream works in recent years, starting from the initial work group of Mr. Sakurai. Therefore, there is a point in which "Kirby 2" "Kirby 2 of the stars" "Kirby 3 of the stars" "Kirby 64 of the stars", etc. I would like to forgive me. Also note that it includes spoilers that are approaching the core of "Kirby" works in recent years.

Mysterious creatures, Kirby

"Why are Kirby more than three people." There are not many people who can answer this question. In the "Kirby" series, at the time of stage clearing, Kirby is a staple that discovers dance dance. And at this time, Kirby split into three people. Kirby lined up like a dumpling dances and dances and works with the player's goal. I want to hesitate. But I do not know the meaning. It is unreasonable to split suddenly.

And there is a person who deserves the only one to answer. It is Game Creator, who worked on the first "Kirby of the star", Mr. Sakurai. Now I had a series of ridiculous production, and I was the first one of the other primary director Sakurai. And he has already answered the question of why Kirby will increase. The answer is slippery, "Because the person is fun".

In this way, there are many unreasonable productions in the "Kirby of the Stars" that Mr. Sakurai works. Why does Kirby increase? Why can I fly infinitely with the sweet potato? Who is the warp star who carries Kirby in the way? Why do you dream fountain? In the early "Kirby" world, it was natural for these truth. Mr. Sakurai is a Famitsu column, "a mysterious world's mysterious creature that can not be told in theory. It is Kirby." He says, "Don't think! Feeling!" Blowing and inviting readers to the labyrinth.

"Wonders" was a pillar that was essential to talk about the early "Kirby" work. There is no explanation without an explanation, the world where the unnecessary deployment is unfolded is unreasonable, and somewhat disappointing. However, the mysterious world that is not prepared for the answer was also a world that left the room for the player as much as possible. As the foreign version is called "Dream Land", Kirby and Puppland could be transformed like a dream world. It can be said that the wonderfulness of leaving room for imagination was the basis of the early "Kirby". It can be said that Mr. Sakurai has passed down with the rules even after Mr. Sakurai is no longer involved in the "Kirby" series.

However, such a tendency is visible in the past 10 years. Its impact is considered to be large in the wind of Kumasaki, who works on a direction in recent works.

Draw Kumasaki D "Kirby"

Mr. Kumasaki joined the Haru Laboratory in 2002. Design of "Kirby's Airlide" and "Touch! After working on the Kirby "story," Kirby of the star is the Ultra Super Deluxe "in 2008. The same work is a super-naked version of "Kirby Super Deluxe of Stars", and adding new modes while underlying the old work. The story was also expanded and expanded, and it became a work that could see the color of Mr. Kumasaki while based on the original version.

And in 2011, "Kirby Wii", "Kirby Wii", is more noticeable. The same work is characterized by a large amount of text than conventional series. The conversation scene was frequently inserted and interchanged carefully while helping the character Mahoroa that the spacecraft was in place. In addition, even the rapid development of the final stage is used to utilize words text. Kirby was carefully explained the eyes of Mahoroa that embraces space aggression and gave a sense of convincing in the story.

Actively talking to the story in text, the continuing Kumazaki's "Kirby" work is also inherited. 2014 "Kirby Triple Deluxe", 2016 "Kirby of the Stars Kirby of the Stars", the movie with the line is used abundantly, so that the appearance and betrayal of the characters are drawn complexly became.

The characteristic is the use of special pages and miiverse. The special page is a screen that can be confirmed at the time of the boss battle. A special flavor text related to the boss is written. "Kirby Wii of Stars" was a part of the boss only, but "Kirby Triple Deluxe of the Stars" was introduced to all the bosses.

And in the work of Mr. Kumasaki, the history is particularly true for the last boss and the black screen. For example, for the last boss "Qin Sectonia" of "Kirby His Triple Deluxe", he once lived with his followers and his family, but the past is clearly stained. And for "Kirby of the Star Kirby His Robobo Planan", it was said that he was losing memory with his daughter, losing memory and running on a tract road. In Kumasaki's "Kirby" work, it is a great feature that the black screen is carrying a tragic past.

And I want to pay attention to the public relations activities in Miiverse. MIIVERSE was once built-in Wii U. You can post letters to the community, and a communication tool that can share game screenshots and hand-drawn illustrations. And at that time, the Kirby Development team has established a staff room. About the "Kirby" work, we sending various development conditions. Under such circumstances, the back story on the story is actively presented. "A Many Machine on Kirby's Stars" "Machine (Robo Boarmor on Kirby (Robo Boarmor) has been linked, and many settings that were not revealed in the work were announced.

What a character is what and what you are doing, and it will be detailed by the line. For settings that form the periphery of the story, it is explained in detail by the text developed on an external platform. This will be a major feature in the narrative of Mr. Kumaki's "Kirby" work. About your own storytelling Mr. Kumasaki reveals the policy "The outlet is large, deep," in the interview of the work of the work, "The story of the story starts from the adventure of Kirby Bad, and the second half is magnificent. While making it a subtime element for the depth of depth, we revealed the policy (Kirby Star Arise Official Setting Materials Collection). However, there are a lot of core layers that are exciting to "deep" part, and the movement of the clearly published information was connected, and the movement to consider the larger world view is also popular.

On the other hand, the "Kirby" series of Mr. Kumazaki's "Kirby" series is quite different from the "not told" initial work that Mr. Sakurai worked. In response to the change in the style of the series, the old "Kirby" series fans did not listen to puzzled voices. There are such trends, and a big event occurs in 2017.

Kirby missing "Wonders"?

As an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the "Kirby" series, "Kirby's 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert" of the star is held in 2017. All 6 performances were held in Tokyo and Osaka. In the same performance, we sell brochures to commemorate the performance. Among them, the comments of staff involved in the "Kirby" series, such as Mr. Sakurai and Kumazaki, were published. It was a comment of Mr. Sakurai, such as the attention.

According to Mr. Sakurai's reference, "Kirby is a wonderful creature". Dividing into three at the time of clearing, giant "Kirby of the star" ending, touch to be a vanity with copying ability, and "I can not do it naturally But I mentioned that it was the Umami of Kirby and the funny taste. And Mr. Sakurai continued to refer to the recent "Kirby" series. "It is natural to dance with three people, and the sense of mystery has reached a stable area," "It is said that Kirby has been sinking by embodying culture of the world, or ordinary I felt that I'm getting closer to ".

Mr. Sakurai says, "I am also important to say that it is important to say that it is not explained one by one for unreasonable things" "I can understand that there is a person who can not be convinced by one by unreasonable thing." There is a part that has a part. " Based on this, "But" Kirby is a wonderful thing "" If you are allowed to order only one while the "Kirby" series is created, "Wonders I want you to take care. "

This comment will bring a discussion to Kirby Fan. It is because the trend "Embedded in the world's culture etc." and "one by one for unreasonable things" was a style that could be seen in the "Kirby" work by Mr. Kumazaki, recent years. In the works of Mr. Kumasaki, the character intention and the background of the view of the world are described in detail, and it is a configuration that gives a sense of satisfaction. On the other hand, it can be said that it does not have room for interpretation. Because many settings have been revealed, Mr. Kumasaki's "Kirby" has no room for imagination. Mr. Sakurai's style of Mr. Sakurai has been criticized in the world-this kind of Kumazaki-san.

Mr. Sakurai's "Kirby" will happen to a lot of unreasonable events. It is the world of "Wonders" that allows many questions to players and accept the mystery without answering. On the other hand, Kumazaki's work is certainly a mystery or secret on the story, but it is suggested that the answer is provided on the back. In such a sense, it will be possible to use a style close to "Mystery" and "Mystery" rather than wonders.

Of course Mr. Sakurai was not criticized by Mr. Kumasaki's style, but it is not just a bit of speculation between some fans. However, when Mr. Sakurai's comments asked about the current situation of Kirby, I have attracted attention to what Answer Kumasaki, who works on the latest "Kirby" indicating. It is the 2018 "Kirby Star Arise", which was released in that way.

News that showed "Kirby Star Arise of Stars"

The same work is a horizontal scroll action game released for Nintendo Switch. Throwing a heart and adds new actions adding enemies to their friends, four people can work together to advance adventure. In the same work, the guest character will participate in the "Kirby" series successive past work and gathered in one hall. It was launched as a festival work to conclude the 25th anniversary.

As a story in the "Kirby Star Arise of Stars", characters such as three enemy executives and a fanatic that worships the last boss appeared. Complex backing is described in the game, such as the relationship between the world's relationship between the character and the past works. Such aspects can be said to be a rural flow based on Mr. Kumazaki work in recent years.

However, on the other hand, a surprise for the last boss was prepared. The last boss "Ende Nir (Seoul of Nir / Star Niru)" that appeared last work was just a face of Kirby. The boss had a rich flavor text that can be viewed on the pose screen, as well as Kumasaki works. However, even in the sentences of the disadvantages, no clear origin is present, and its true identity remains unknown. Not only Kirby's figure but also a number of players, such as the form of a series of successive lastovos, were impacted.

Various opinions flew for the same boss. Cave the common points with Kirby's face and successive last boss, and "Actually, Kirby's birth was the same as the successive last boss," "Kirby of the Stars" was planned before the release " Many hypotheses have been made, such as "I'm not going to do a change of Tinkle Popo." Also, in the fan, there was also a layer that dislikes the "Kirby's birth" to be taboo, as a taboo.

As an important point, it should be mentioned that the incoming setting is not to be narrative compared to other Kumasaki work last boss. This can be said to be unusual considering the tendency of Mr. Kumazaki work. Comments on "Kirby Star Arise Official Settings Materials of Stars of Stars" issued in 2021 are also written for the director (I think Kumasaki). About design, it has been mentioned that "We aimed at a compilation character that left mystery and wonders."

Of course, "Kirby Star Arise of the Stars" was reported to have planned planning in 2015, and it would be nice to have been designed with Mr. Sakurai's statement in 2017. However, the same work refers to the presentation of information about the last boss at the end, while the dug and view disclosure of the peripheral character is as much as possible. It may also be able to receive as a challenge attitude that has been an approach approach to "Wonders" that does not reveal the answer.

To "Kirby Discovery of Stars"

Kirby Manga and Comics

"Kirby Star Arise of Stars", which was produced as "the Kirby of the Stars" series to the next future. " Through the same work, it is the "Kirby Discovery", which is presented as "next future", which is released on March 25 this year. In the same work, the first 3D action of the series is developed. Kirby will unfeel off the adventure in the space with depth. It is a work that cuts into a challenge that is just a new age in the year of the milestone who celebrates the 30th anniversary of the series. In the trial version, a new partner "Efilin" is also viewed, and the like is also shown, and a story progress with text may also be prepared.

However, there are also elements that make it feel expectations in different directions. The stage of "Kirby Discovery of Stars" is the "New World" that nature and civilization were fused. Locations with beautiful and disrupted shopping malls and abandoned shops swallowed by green, and locations with a sense of devastation are in the stage. Although it is colored with a colorfulness like "Kirby", it is generally a background setting that is considered to be "post-apocalypse".

This stage device seems to be compatible with the world view of "Kirby". The post-apocalypse world is generally considered the world after scientific civilization collapses. And it is a trace that the first day of the daily remnants, where life was done there. The player over that is to imagine a day from the league of civilization. Yes, the post-apocalypse world is drawn with room for imagination. It is not explained by the text or line, and the "Wonders" will not arise, "Wonders" will not arise. "Karby Discovery of Stars" may present a story full of implications and suggestions from being explained.

And the sprout of Wonders also serves to Kirby. The new ability of Kirby, which is newly presented by this work, is "Hobari Henkei". With the same ability, Kirby sucks the remnants of civilizations, such as cars and vending machines. It is deformed dynamically using a soft body and triggered the ability to respond to 1. An outstanding impact of the appearance of the appearance. Some people will spout and some people who will spend a bit. However, if I remember, it is Kirby who gives a balloon in the first "Kirby of the star" and took a castle. Kirby who was horned in the figure of unimpadable variants, like Kirby, who was still unidentified, let us know the feeling of surprising and wonders.

"Wondering", who has raised "Wonders", Mr. Kumasaki, who was built in the story of a precious "mystery", and "the Kirby Star Arise of Stars". Once once the "Kirby" series, which has come out as a gain, what story tering will be shown after "Kirby Discovery of Stars"? Is there a strange thing there? I would like to have a new "Kirby" that will be released on March 25.


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