Halo Infinite reveals the Roadmap of 2022

Halo infinite The long-awaited 2022 road map finally arrived this week to preview what is planned from now until the end of the year. The closest events and the functions planned for the coming months are described more specifically on the road map, while the most advanced in season 3 are more generally mentioned with things like "new maps" and "new narrative events" that anticipate what is to come. This roadmap arrives just before the start of season 2, which is scheduled to start May 3.

Some of the parts of the route related to season 2 were already known according to the previews that 343 Industries shared at the beginning of the week, such as those of new maps and several new modes, but if it has not been maintained up to date with these Individual previews, the Roadmap does its job by providing a comprehensive preview of what is coming. In the lower right corner of season 2, we see the launch objectives for two main characteristics on which players have been asking: the ability to reproduce specific campaign missions and Forge mode. The repetitions of the mission will be available at the end of August, assuming that the 343 Industries goals as planned, while the Forge mode will enter its open beta version for the first time in September.

This strategy of Forge differs from the typical flight process of 343 in which the community can try new content, but the developer said he has been doing private flights for a while and will pass directly to the beta version open to put this function in the hands of Players as soon as possible. possible.

Halo Infinite Season 3 DELAYED and Roadmap Revealed! Halo News

"We had successfully forge on private flights with a limited audience for some time, so we decided to give up a large-scale formal flight program and go directly to the open beta version," said the creative boss Joseph Staten in the publication of Halo Waypoint blog that introduced the road map. "With this approach, we can make the main tools of Forge reach all faster and at the same time remain focused on our main priority to continue improving the fundamental aspects of Halo infinite. Forge will persist from the beta version open on, evolving and growing over time ».

While the seasons in the games usually last around three months, you will notice that season 2 in halo infinito is expected to be executed from May to November. Season 3 will begin on November 8, said 343, with many of the general characteristics of season 2 reflected there, but they have not yet been talked about the details.

Halo infinity season 2 begins on May 3.


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