[Indians] Korean Zombies Pin in Spring, Metro Blossom

It is spring. Although the cold wind is still blowing, it is realized that when the lunch is felt after lunch, it is really spring. Soon the flower is full of blooming, warm winds, blowing, blowing the sky, and the blooming dust and pollen, and the weather that can not take off the mask, the weather that can not take off the mask.

In Indie Games 'Metroblom', there is a zombie that suits those spring in Korea. These zombies with the name 'Body Flower' are blown away from the glazed head, walking and blowing purple pollen. Sometimes I have to eat a person if I do not have enough nutrients. What happens if they drink a pollen that they flushed? Headache and high fever are coming to hair loss (!!), and eventually the skull is on the skull and the scalp is peeled off, and the flower is pean.

If it is an ordinary worker, it seems to be a game that 'Metrovo Sum' appeared in this Korean zombie, which seems to be difficult to know if the flower was infected until the flower was infected. Games Mecca spoke of a dialogue with Jeong Jae Hyun director of 'My Psychiatric Studios', which developed K-Zombie Apocalypse game 'Metro Blot'.

A sense of gaps that brought familiar space

Metro Exodus Zombie The Humanimal

The Indie Game Metro Blossom Made by the Developer 'My Psychiatric Studio' is a survival adventure text RPG that goes along the subway route. The reason why the strangers of Text RPG is a reason to explain the width of the imagination through the description and explains the immersive sense of the story. So the cognitive metron blossoms have been vertically to develop text and have a sense of reading the web novel, and whenever the selection appears, the selection is attracted to the appropriate effects, illustrations, etc., and to focus on the story.

Of course, there is no free Apocalypse game that survives in the subway. However, the difference between the metron blossom is a 'body flower', which will constantly interact with the game. The body flower is glowing like a flower and sprinkling pollen, and has a personality tailored to the characteristics of the blooming flower. So, unlike other games, the same 'zombie', but this game must deal with a zombie at night, not in the day. My spirit studios added randomness with a dice rolled in TRPG to give a tension in survival and took strategic as a Deck Building system.

The stage of the game also allowed the background of Seoul Subway 1, 2, and 5 on the background of the background, and it allows you to overwhelm the story on the background that actually exists in the actual existing background, and the imagination will be more comfortable. So, while watching the story of a line line line, I was subtracted with the story of the second line circulation line, which I contacted every day at the time of commuting. This is because the strange situation is widened in the space that already knows.

Journey of 'Psychiatric Studio' passed without a mind

My mental studio is a 6-person Indie development team that produces a story-centric RPG game. Members consisting of all acquaintances and acquaintances (like multi-level) are responsible for planning, stories, development, illustrations, UIs, and have done every three years to develop metronic development.

They made important skeletons with each other's power. However, there was no person in charge of elements such as sound and effect that are important to the game. I have registered the game and got money in the game of the Game Water Management Committee. My mental studio, who was worried, picked up a choice called Crowd Fund to solve this problem. There was no investment, and there was no revenue. So I picked up how I could do it, and I did my best for those who gave help.

The performance was great. It was only a step of stepping on it, but last year, I was selected for TOP 10 at Google Indy Phase, and I showed her potential as a candidate for the Korean Games and the BIC Best Narrative Sector. Then I ran hard for the ending of the game. As a result, we will soon update the final ending, but they are still a lot of stories that do not have to the world of Metro Blossoms. So, since the update, we plan to add a few main stories and substitiers.

Sunrise, so when are you finished?

The metron blossom will be added to the April 'final ending' and one hidden ending. Add a 'short-range' element for fast repetition clearing. In addition, we will release free version and add paid goods to add more people to enjoy more people. Originally, I was going to go to the update for February, but I think it was the last, and it is said that it was a schedule for anticipation that it was expected to overturn the direction that I have set to be a lot of things that I have. "I do not know if a hundredfare satisfactory results came out, but the players would remember" Yes, a decent finishing "."

The summer, metron blossoms are on the goal of global launches with English translations. "I believe only the idea without demonstration, and sponsored by the game, and I am always thankful to those who played and feedback.


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