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Do you like to earn levels? Good news, a "Battle Pass" arrived on Lost Ark. But is it profitable? We offer you today to explain everything in our dedicated guide of Lost Ark!

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Lost Ark has received a lot of content with its last update. And among these novelties are the Pass d'Arche . This one makes it possible to recover rewards for free, but also a little more by coming out of the wallet. We are explained all that, and you are told if it's profitable! In the way, do not forget to go back the unicorn mount for free!

How does the Ark Pass work?

The principle of Pass Arch is very similar to other types of that you can find in other video games. It allows players to win rewards by raising the level of the latter, simply playing in Lost Ark and filling up with missions. The base pass is totally free and grants rewards like selection chests of ripening equipment, pirate pieces, a mounting...

In addition to that, you can buy, using your Royal Crystals , a Premium or Super Premium Pass contains + rewards. The Pass Arch Premium add additional rewards at each level that players will win, in addition to free rewards. There will be therefore + selection chests of refining material, gemstones, affinity chests, but also a familiar virtues. **

The version Pass Arche Super Premium , it, adds selection chests for the appearance collection of the noble banquet, the wallpaper of the noble banquet, and some legendary affinity chests throughout the 30 levels Pass Arch.

The Pass Pass Premium will cost you 1500 Royal Crystals , and the Pass Arch Super Premium will return you to 3000 royal crystals . Note that if you take the basic Premium, you can upgrade at the Super Premium at any time. These passes will be available in store until June 18, and the progress will be possible until July 14 "''.

The Premium Arch Pass profitable?

It is obviously the question that arises. Pass Arch Premium Royal costs 1500 royal crystals, which equates to 15 € ~ (even so technically 1000 crystals = 9,99 €, you will probably have to buy the pack to € 19.99, which will bring you back However, 200 bonus crystals in addition to the 2000 pack).

The Pass is very profitable, given the amount spent in relation to the return in terms of compos. A US player on Reddit has done the Gold side calculation and starting from the principle or you choose the Tier 3 materials, the Pass Premium Pass brings you between 30,000 and 40,000 value Golds in terms of materials (very precisely 39502g but prices on the US hotel's hotel are more elevated than at home.)

And finally, history of doing the best business, here is the ideal choice in terms of value for each step of this * Pass Arch Premium **. The first is option A, and the second is option B. The digit on the left is the level of the bearing. We leave the principle or you are t3 for this comparison.

Landing Option A or B
1 B
3 B

IS PREMIUM ARK PASS WORTH IT? 1-30 Rewards = 35,000 Gold Value! | Lost Ark

4 | B 6 | HAS 7 | B 8 | B 9 | B 11 | B 12 | B 13 | B 14 | B 16 | A / B, depending on your need for potions 17 | HAS 18 | B 19 | B 21 | B 22 | HAS 23 | B 24 | B 26 | B 27 | HAS 29 | HAS

Good luck to complement the pass!


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