On the day of beer: Ice-cold Beer beats Homerun to victory

The "Opening Day" in the MLB fell exactly at the National Day of Beer in the US this year. And a newcomer used the day of the hour to put his name in the focus. Rookie Seth Beer led the Diamondbacks in the domestic Arizona with a "Three Run Home Run" in the ninth inning to 4: 2 on the Padres from San Diego - the corresponding reactions did not last long.

"Do you think of fairy tale? Seth Beer has just written one," the diamondbacks tweeted. In addition, the club wrote to the matching photos and videos of the special event "Beer is freezing cold" or "Hold My Beer" (hold my beer).

Will the beer cheaper now?

Luke Combs - Beer Never Broke My Heart (Official Video) Beers Team College Pavin Smith immediately brought the Herozat to an idea. "Every time he succeeds a homerun, there is beer for a dollar in the stadium," Smith suggested. The viewers certainly did not mind, actually a mug costs $ 4.99 (0.4 l).

On Thursday, the fans of Diamondbacks repeatedly called the surname of the Matchwinner, when he run off the bases after his full hit. "It was a surreal feeling," Beer said. He feels "still in a dream. It's hard to put into words."

Kepler's prelude falls off

For the German Baseball Professional Max Kepler, the prelude to the season fell into the water. Play one of his Minnesota Twins against the Seattle Mariners was moved due to weather for weather (22.10 clock) due to weather.


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