The best skins of ships in Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, players have no shortage of self -expression. One of the most famous ways to do this is to create an amazing and attractive set of ships. SHIPE sets cover almost all aspects of the ship. From painting to sail, from the helm to the nose figure, almost every part of the ship can be configured for yourself.

But what makes the skin magnificent? This is largely reduced to personal preferences, since no skin has advantages over another. For those who want the brightest and most detailed skins, there is a chance that you will lay out some real currency, since many game skins simply do not go into any comparison. Given what has been said, let's plunge into our three leaders.

first -class sets of SEA of Thieves ships

The Top 10 Best Ship Sets // Sea of Thieves

3. Set "Rubin spray"

The Ruby Splashtail set includes one of the best parts of any game: mini-game about fishing. Tell other players and fish what your priorities are when you put on this bright decoration.

2. Set of ships Lodestar

Since the person first went to sea, he relied on the stars that indicated his path. Thus, it is quite appropriate to honor these stars with the skin, which makes the ship reflect the sky above their heads.

1. Set "Frozen Horizon"

Although Sea of Thieves is located in a warmer climate, and we will most likely never see frozen waters and icebergs, this does not mean that one cannot bring the spirit of the Arctic with us.

To learn more about Sea of Thieves, read Sea of Thieves - Legend of the Veil Guide in professional game guidelines.


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