The Witcher starts the filming of seconfirmson 3; First details

NETFLIX confirms the start of the production of The Witcher seconfirmson 3. After the premiere of the second lconfirmst of December, the producer will continue to tell Geralt's adventures of Rivia. The filming begins maintaining its main cconfirmst . The news contains revelations of the second seconfirmson; If you have not seen it yet, we recommend that you read.

First Details of The Witcher seconfirmson 3

The Witcher Cast and Creator REACT to Love Triangle Twists and SEASON 3 Plans!

From Netflix they have shared the official synopsis of the third seconfirmson, which will remain captained by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich . "While monarchs, magicians and beconfirmsts of the continent compete for capturing it, Geralt takes Ciinta de Cintra to hiding, determined to protect the family from her, gathered at lconfirmst, against those who threaten to destroy it. Yennefer is in charge of the magical training of Ciri and takes them to the protected Fortress of Aretuza, where she hopes to discover more about the girl's unthreed powers. "

Despite the trip, the characters discover "that have reached a battlefield in which political corruption, dark magic and betrayal will have to risk". They will have to take risks "to lose everything forever" while They fight. confirms we said, the main distribution is not altered. Henry Cavill will continue hanging on the Lobo medallion next to Anya Chalotra (Yennefer de Verngerberg) and Freya Allan (Ciintra Cloek).

Schmidt Hissrich will have the help of Tomconfirmsz Baginski, Jconfirmson F. Brown, Sean Daniel, Mike Ostrowski, Steve Gaub and Jaroslaw Sawko, all of them executive producers of the series. "The family hconfirms gathered again," Netflix says on his official Twitter account. He hconfirms only transcended an image of the seconfirmson, where the three main actors appear in front of an ice cream lake. The first sets will make them move to Italy and Slovenia.


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