What is the fantasy tower? Mobile game in Genshin style

Tower of Fantasy is another free game that seeks to make a JRPG competition for your money. The game is being developed by the Studio Hotta Studio and the closed beta version is already running. Since the game should go out in 2022, you are probably wondering what it should be what it is worth watching the news surrounding it.

The Tower of Fantasy is Outdoor World Scientific fantastic role-playing game where you can play with your friends. The formation of detachments and the study of the strange world will become the main element of the game. There are several characters for which you can play, each with its own unique history you need to reveal.

3 SCANDALS that Tower Of Fantasy Hides From YOU!!!

Hotta Studio also released the official video for the fantasy tower channel on YouTube, which demonstrates part of the gameplay.

With a beautiful appearance of the open world and the stylish design of the characters, you can not wonder how this game will look compared to Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3RD. Tower of Fantasy reminds both, and may simply show us the perfect combination of fantasy and science fiction.

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