Word 3, Next Generation Console Version Updated Smoke

Surprising Xbox Series S | X Advantage Confirmed for Next Generation Consoles PS5 vs Xbox Series S CD Project Red said that the next generation console version update of 'Sayray 3: Wild Hunt' is delayed through the (14th), and the official Twitter.

Sayr 3 is a piece based on the Poland Writer's Safe Safacsky's fantasy novel, and it is a work based on a series of fiction, a third side game series that deals with Geolt's journey after novels. After launching in 2015, the Most Goty was recorded, and in 2019, the Nintendo switch version was released and the net flickra was produced and aired. Even after 2020, we have steadily have gained the response of gamers, including several gaming gears and collaboration.

The next generation console version of Edge 3 is announced on September 5, in the past 2020, as it is announced as a period of time similar to the release of the next generation console, but the CD project is focused on the patches and updates of Cyber Punk 2077, The update was delayed. And through today's announcement, 3 next-generation console version updates of 3 next-generation console version updates were postponed, and when they were delayed, the application was shaken.

In this regard, it was noted in the connection with the Ukrainian war. According to the investment information page, according to the investment information page of the CD Project Red in the last 2021, the next-generation console version update of the Edge 3 was working with the Russian branch of Saber Interactive, which was in charge of switch version implantation.

However, since the CD Project Red is on March 3rd and the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, it is 3 and Cyber Punk 2077, including the Cyber Punk 2077, and it is said that it is said that it is said that the 3rd next-generation console version updated, I also analyzed that the war was affected. In this regard, the CD project red did not mention any other, and it will be announced only for a later announcement on the next generation of next-generation console versions of Edge 3.


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