Fanfest 2022 - CCP invests in the Lore of Eve Online and deepens his universe

CCP Games provides a lot of background work on the depth of the game. The introduction of narrative arcs, combined with the return of extensions - last quarter 20222 - for general content and other added additions will bring a big batch of context to the universe.

The Fanfest prediction video Obviously, the studio cannot reveal too many aspects of these upcoming arches. The idea is really that the player wonders "But what's going on? "And that he is drowned in a universe which exceeds him, as a person, but who will be able to unite the players around a common goal. Events will take proportions that will turn up the microcosm of the universe of Eve online .

To expand this Lore, we can also see many cutscenes, which introduce characters, more and more important and important, but also places, planets, stations. All this will probably never be introduced into play but it gives context and depth to the universe.

The players will be central in this evolution. The achievements, the events, the reactions which are orchestrated by the players will influence the narrative arcs that CCP will introduce in the years to come. Even now, being able to say that, somewhere, our actions have been one of the workings of a story that evolves, it is rewarding when we are as invested as the players of Eve Online are. It is enough to see, during this fanfest, the different players who remember their memories and say they are "we were present", it is very unifying for the community and the will of CCP is to push this aspect.

There is also interest in the different factions, in this aspect of the game. For example, the Empire can give objectives to be achieved, as quickly as possible. The faction that will succeed in the first one could have exclusive technologies. And if factions do not perform, they could be in a very precarious state which could directly undermine the governments from which they come.

In short, CCP wants to give life to his universe, integrate the player into his story. And after 20 years of existence, few titles can boast of such an imposing story.


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