You can play with Lady Dimitrescu at Resident Evil Village

Today there were quite prominent ads around the franchise of _resident Evil, one of them was the addition of an additional chapter of history that will close many unknowns. On the other hand, there was also talk of the updates of the mercenaries , including the possibility of using characters that were previously impossible to have.

One of those selected for this task is neither more nor less than Lady Dimitrescu, character that generated quite controversial, the brief advance of Capcom showed that he has a unique weapons at his disposal, including the ability to attack to the body of enemies with the great strength that characteristic of large women.

It is worth noting that this update will arrive until next October 28 , as part of the compilation Winters of Resident Evil Village , so we will have to wait a little longer to play With the villain of the saga. It can also be used to Heisenberg , so it will be interesting to have confrontations between these colossal evil beings.

RESIDENT In related news, the first gameplay of Resident Evil 4 remake was released, if you want to take a look at you, click you on the link we put right here.


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