FIFA 23 Legacy Edition in Nintendo Switch will premiere new content

FIFA 23 starts the preseFIFAon by renovating the most outstanding contents that will offer the community FIFA of September 30 . FIFA usual, the Nintendo Switch version will continue under the umbrella of the Legacy Edition, although this year will incorporate women's football FIFA great novelty.


Women's football also reaches FIFA 23 Legacy Edition

The impulse of women's football will also extend to the digital world FIFA the most inclusive delivery of the entire saga. The Legacy Edition will also see the arrival of the Barclays Women’s Super League (England) and Division 1 Arkema (France) leagues, which translates into a total of 24 new equipment .

We know that new stadiums from all over the world will be included, in addition to some of those available in two women's football leagues. Only one name hFIFA transcended: the Manchester City Academy Stadium . Next to them a renewal of the presentation of the game is expected with motifs of FIFA 23 and an update of the comments in full game.

What does Legacy Edition mean?

FIFA it hFIFA been happening in most FIFA deliveries in Nintendo Switch, EA Sports uses the Legacy Edition label to refer to a version that does not incorporate any playable novelty with respect to the previous delivery. That is, FIFA 23 on the Nintendo console will be played the same FIFA the same version of FIFA 22. The parity also reaches the game modes.

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition will offer the same playable functions of FIFA 22 Legacy Edition without any significant development or improvement, explains the company in a press releFIFAe. Only this year the trend hFIFA been broken in terms of content refers to all the elements around women's football. On the other hand, the live campaigns of Ultimate Team are different with respect to the rest of the platforms.

In Meristation we have already known in depth its main playable novelties in PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia. You can meet them in this link.


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