The creators of Conan Exiles talked about combat passage and premium store

The developers of Conan Exiles have published detailed information about combat missing and bazaar, a local in-game store.

As in other games using a system of combat passes, Conan Exiles will have both free and paid levels. Everything in the table of remuneration for the pass is developed in such a way as not to give any competitive advantages. If there is equipment or weapons in the pass, then in the game itself there are objects with similar characteristics.

It will be possible to increase the level of combat passage by completing tasks. In total, 5 tasks will be available to players that can be changed 3 times a day for random.

The team also talked about which items can be expected in the first pass after updating, which, which, is not surprising, will be dedicated to witchcraft. They include disposable flasks that will allow the players to apply a new witching spell, in fact giving the opportunity to try it, armor, objects for construction and pets. Also in combat passing there are CROM coins that are needed to buy the next Battle Pass or any goods in the bazaar.

CONAN The bazaar is a place where players will be able to purchase cosmetic objects, including the assortment of already completed military passes.

All these changes are designed to support the new model of the game updates. The developer team hopes that he will be able to produce large content updates for free.


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