Basic play free action RPG shooter THE FIRST DESCENDANT official announcement. Up to 4 people confront huge enemies

NEXON officially announced The First Descendant on August 8. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S for free basic play. According to the Steam store page, it also supports Japanese display.

THE FIRST DESCENDANT is TPS & Action RPG. It is a so-called root shooter, such as the Border Rounds and Division series. The stage is on the English continent. The player fights the invaders to protect humanity as a successor to unknown power. The game corresponds to up to 4 people.

In the game, a variety of characters with different appearance and combat style appear. It is said that there will be a moving combat using a grappling hook and a coordinated action (Chain Actions). It is said that the character customization function will be implemented.

The characters used can be equipped with up to three firearms and four secondary Equipments, and various sub-weapons (Sub-Weapons). It is also possible to increase the status of firearms and add new abilities depending on the item. Equipment can be obtained by clearing and lapping of scenario missions, world missions that can be enjoyed by cooperative play, and fighting huge bosses. The boss battle can set the difficulty level that suits you. There seems to be elements such as gimmicks and parts destruction.

From the trailer, you can check the characters dressed in special suits and the battle. In addition to futuristic buildings, various fields, such as meadows, deserts, and snowy lands, appear to appear. In battle, not only guns, but also attacks that jump up and hit the ground. This work is developed in Unreal Engine 5. The latter half of the video, which is seen as a game play, is drawn in a very rich graphic.


It has been published in the past that this work is under development as PROJECT MAGNUM (tentative name), and the official title name is The First Descendant. This work also has a beta test on Steam. The beta test was postponed from the initial schedule due to the expansion of the corona virus infection. The new beta test period is scheduled for Japan time from 16:00 on October 20 to 15:59 on October 27. For more information on how to participate in beta tests, please refer to this official information.

The First Descendant will be distributed to PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.


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