Can Frillish be brilliant in Pokémon Go?

Niantic regularly adds new shiny Pokemon to Pokémon Go so that players can hunt them, and they exist as one of the most popular catches in the game. Recently, Frillish actively participated during the Pokémon Go Fest 2022 finals, which means that these Pokemon could be found everywhere for an hour of Habitat, in which they were represented. But players can take advantage of this to get brilliant versions of these Pokemon.

Frillish can be brilliant in Pokemon GO. They are decently different from the basic shape of the Pokemon, so it will not be difficult for the players to notice them if they appear on the screen. Frillish male becomes greenish-blue, and naturally pink female frillish becomes more red.

How to catch a brilliant freely in Pokémon GO?

It should be easier for players to catch a brilliant form of a Freellish than others, since this Pokemon is not as rare as the majority. Although it was shown during the GO Fest 2022 finals, Frillish can usually be found in the wild for most Pokémon GO seasons.

Frillish is a water-type Pokemon, so players looking for a brilliant surface outside the event should be sought near water bodies, since water-type Pokemon appear much more often there. Players who are looking for Pokemon of a certain gender can be more difficult, since the appearance of Pokemon by chance.


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