Halo's imaginative director left Microsoft for Tencent


Nicolas Bouvier was assigned main artistic supervisor in 2 teams from the huge network of Tencent Gamings: Team Kaiju as well as Timi G1 Studio. Team Kaiju is one of the initial studios started by Tencent Games in the United States and also works on a new multiplayer FPS license under the instructions of Scott Detector, which Nicolas Bouvier has already attended given that he was primary designer on Halo 4. To help us accomplish this last purpose, we are happy to invite Nicolas Sparth Bouvier within Team Kaiju as that new elderly creative director.

We currently recognize that connected the services of French artistic director Nicolas Bouvier after his 14 years in the business of the Halo franchise. It is the Tencent Games studios that will make the most of the experience of the one that also serviced titles like Alone at night: The New Problem (2001 ), Cold Fear (2005 ), Royal Prince of Persia: the heart of the warrior (2004 ), Assassin's Creed (2007) as well as Rage (2011 ).


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