After Fragrance game: Nice

Shortly after the detraction video game versus 1. FC Cologne, the Prefecture of South Corsica refused to go to the Ligue-1 battle at air conditioner Ajaccio to the advocates of the French football club NGC Pizza. In a declaration released on Friday night, the regional federal government revealed that due to a mandate of the Interior Ministry, the collective or private arrival of the NGC fans on sunday was outlawed.

This procedure has lately been taken in certain as a result of the many conditions of public order as an outcome of the violent behavior of some fans of both clubs.

In Wonderful on Thursday night on the side of the Seminar League game in between the NGC and Bundesliga club 1. FC Cologne (1-1) there were serious occurrences between fan teams within the arena, which obviously likewise fierce ultras of the Nice Competing Paris St.

On the Corsican side, last Sunday, promptly after the video game of the two teams at the airport terminal, there were brawls between followers of the bottom of the a/c Ajaccio as well as FC Lorient.

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