Telephone call of Task: Modern Warfare II: These changes are available after the comments from the beta

Players have been able to play the beta on PlayStation for a week. Accordingly, Infinity Ward collected a great deal of information and responses. Therefore, you are still able to make adjustments in the beta itself and for the launch of the game in October.

The multiplayer beta of Telephone call of Responsibility: Modern War II begins on Xbox as well as computer today at 7:00 p.m.

The programmer has actually consequently released an upgrade (approx. 500 megabytes in dimension) for the beta, in which the following was treated:

It was stated regarding the presence on the mini map that it was a conscious choice that you just see players when a drone is active and also not if you terminated shots. You would certainly rather have the players look actively looking for rather of simply strolling on one factor on the food selection.

There was likewise objection and also feedback on some points. So it was said concerning the presence on the mini map that it was an aware choice that you only see gamers when a drone is active and also not if you terminated shots. You would certainly instead have the players look actively seeking rather of simply walking on one point on the food selection.

The previous perk dead silence stays a field upgrade. Infinity Ward thinks that it is necessary for the health of the game that Rush can stagnate at high speed without repercussions. Still as an area upgrade develops a balance between flexibility of movement and also predictability in fight.

Players have gamers able to play the beta on PlayStation for a week. As a result, you are still able to make changes in the beta itself as well as for the launch of the video game in October.

As you can take part in the Beta of Telephone Call of Responsibility: Modern War II, we have currently informed you right here.

Gamers can still expect changes to the noises for the Beta.

The multiplayer beta of Call of Task: Modern Warfare II begins on Xbox and PC today at 7:00 p.m.


More enhancements and changes will certainly be made on the perk package system, which is apparently videotaped by the players with blended feelings. In the second week of beta, more tests will certainly be made.

And also finally, getting rid of the slide cancellation has actually been gotten positively. You know the workaround, and also you are thinking about exactly how you will certainly handle this on the 2nd weekend break of the beta.

Gamers can still expect adjustments to the sounds for the Beta. To name a few points, the variety of the step signal for the different activity states (running, dashing as well as tactical sprints) is reduced. On top of that, adversary and very own actions need to be heard a lot more plainly.

The opacity of the muzzle smoke is also high as well as the presence of the muzzle fire is also reduced if you are in a fire fight. To do this, you will additionally evaluate various other options over the heads away from the typical name indicators in order to be able to distinguish buddies as well as opponents visually.

  • Various crashes
  • a couple of gameplay ventures
  • Some geography problems as well as illumination problems on the map
  • Upgraded progression for some Gunsmith-related errors


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