The player on the side who reported the cheetah in Red Dead Online is banned for some reason

Players who encountered the cheetah in Red Dead online in the Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2 reported to the rock star about the situation. However, for some reason, foreign media PCGamesn reported that the reporter had been suspended and sanctioned on level reset.

Reporter Kevin Daly, who answered PCGamesn's interview, encountered users who exploit the gratch, such as invisible from the radar and disabled their opponent's lock-on, and officially lockstar, such as images and user names related to them. It is said that he reported to the support channel.

Rockstar, on the other hand, answered that Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently not accepting cheetah reports, and since then sent various emails and reports, it violated the Rockstar's Terms of Use., Finally, he stopped the 30-day account. In addition, the character/inventory/progress status was reset, and these decisions were the final, and it was added that they could not file a claim.

DALY released the Rockstar's answer on Subbereddit in Red Dead Online, and many players were dissatisfied. After that, the rock star said that the answer was that the answer was not accepted, and various means that could be used for the cheetah report in the future. In response to a contact from PCGAMESN, Rockstar acknowledged that the e-mail sent to Daly and the subsequent follow-up emails from the support team are formal emails.


It seems that DALY's account suspension has been canceled, but the progress of the level remains reset, and he was honestly disappointed, Since PS2, there was a rock star game, and money. Although they have spent, they have left a sad comment such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and gives priority to GTA Online.


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