DOOM is played on Windows Notepad. With 60fps text drawing, Duom Guy floats blurred

Game developer Sam person reported on October 10 that he had successfully operated the first Doom in the drawing with the Windows standard Notepad app.

The video posted by Sam person shows how to play DOOM on the screen drawn in text. The first thing you can see is the Notepad app, which is laid out. You can check the image expression with text and the game screen of doom drawn in the so-called ASCII art. Even more noteworthy is that the image is moving and actually playing game play. The game screen has changed by rewriting the ASCII art string. Although it is quite difficult to see, it can be seen that DOOM gameplay is described only in the characters described in the Notepad application. The game screen is expressed by replacing many strings at high speed.

According to him, this video is not a fake, but a real-time play. He states that it is working at 60fps and is not fast-forwarding the video. In addition, the Notepad app itself is not modified. At the moment, the mechanism has not been disclosed, but it may be the form of outputting the DOOM video that is performed separately in the Notepad application.

Sam person talked about its own game engine on September 24 in the notepad app. In the posted video, the image drawn with the Windows standard Paint app is output as an ASCII art in the Notepad app. So he asked fans what kind of game should be operated, and there were many opinions that mentioned DOOM, so he decided to realize this time.

When it comes to DOOM, the developer ID Software has released the source code for non-profit applications, making it possible to play on various devices. It is not limited to game consoles, from smartwatches to refrigerators, calculators, tractors, ATMs, and pregnancy test kits (related articles).


Apart from transplantation to such devices, for example, there are works such as 1337D00m, which can be played by converting DOOM to the ASCII art screen. What Sam person worked on this time is close to this. However, in this case, it was realized on the Windows standard Notepad application, which attracted much attention.

Sam person is also known for working on the application Desktop Goose that emits mischievous gourds on a PC desktop (related article). It seems that his style is to create humorous works with high skills. This Notepad application version DOOM will be released after making a little further improvement. It will be released in a few days.


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