How to get more sparks in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

They want to know ** How to get more sparks in Mario + Rabbis Sparks of Hope? In addition, we will provide details about the creature's skills and what to do with them during the battle.

Get sparks at Mario + Rabbis Sparks of Hope

Players can acquire more sparks by completing history missions and secondary missions. Throughout their journey. You can unlock these characters from the entire galaxy or simply exploring the vast universe.


In addition, players must be aware of the henchmen of CUA who will try to take the sparks to consume more dark energy. Therefore, you must eliminate this threat to rescue these magical creatures.

Once the players save them from the enemy, they can recruit them and use their powers for several combat battles.

In addition, each hero can equip two sparks in Mario + Rabbis Sparks of Hope, which allows you to unleash elementary attacks and increase your defenses. In addition to these skills, these creatures have passive talents, including the ability to protect the equipment against the splash of a Stooge.

Each spark has an elementary name and power, which can include a valuable impulse for the group. For example, Aquino can produce an improvement of splash effect for the next turn and Starburst can increase the damage inflicted on an enemy.

Players can also feed Sparks to level up, but you must collect Star bits by eliminating your enemies.

That is enough for our guide on how to get more Sparks in Mario + Rabbis Sparks of Hope . To get more content about the game, you can check the relevant links below.

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