[Interview] Diablo 2: Liablo 2: Reservoir, Diversity is the goal

On September 23 (Fri), the 2.5 patch came to Diablo 2: Leisure. Overall updates such as improvement of convenience and correction of errors have been made, and the terrorist zone system has been formally applied. The area of fear, where monster levels in certain areas rise every hour, are becoming a new hunting culture.

On the coming October 7 (Fri), you will be able to meet the amulet of the destruction, another hero of the patch, with the start of the ladder 2 seasons. The amulet of destruction with the effect of removing the immunity of the monster is already regarded as a key item for the ladder 2 seasons, and it is expected to create a new wind in the character setting.

This 2.5 patch has a lot of changes. From the hunting ground to the setting of the item, the key keywords of this patch are expected to be diversified. In the tory, interviews with Robert Gallery Design Director and Michael Book sky Technical Director showed detailed stories about the realm of fear and the introduction of the talisman of destruction.

Q. The realm of fear is receiving a lot of attention. I'm curious about the reason for adding a new system.

Robert Gallery: I wanted to make it more players to enjoy the 99th level. And what was so important was to provide diversity. After reaching a high level, there are not many kinds of monsters that players can enjoy. Play was repeated by hunting Baal thousands of times. I wanted to make more users to have new experiences so that they can play the game more extensively through the terrorism.

Q. There were some changes in the target of the temporization area through the patch. Is there a reason for the addition of the pit, the cursed ones?

Robert Gallery: One of the criteria for selecting the target area is the density of the monster. Many players see experience and drop items and concentrate on specific targets. Since the monster density was important, the removal of the area that did not meet the conditions was removed, and a new area was added to maintain the number of areas. Pits, cursed people have been added because they are not only high in monster density but also fun to hunt.

Q. There are also opinions that there are too many candidate areas. What is the opinion of the development team?

Robert Gallery: As mentioned earlier, the big goal was to provide diversity. Therefore, it was determined that the purpose was to enjoy more areas. There is also a randomness in the designation of the area of fear. For the player, it is also fun to wait for a region to be selected as a terror. In addition, the choice of strategies and builds may vary depending on the region. If there is a place that is not appropriate, including a variety of regions, it may be easy to adjust.

The frequency of the area of fear is also important. We also considered measures to designate fear once every 24 hours before it was decided by the current frequency, but I think it is a fun way to enjoy the game even at the current level.

Q. Contrary to the expectations of many, the scope of fear also appears in the standard. There were many opinions that it would be a ladder only?

Michael Busekosky: I wanted to make more players enjoy the fun of horror area content. I thought it would be nice to be able to enjoy fearful users who lacked play time or lacked levels. So it is designed to play the area of fear as a current character.

Unlike the realm of fear, the amulet of destruction will be an important factor in enjoying ladder. The realm of fear is to be able to experience as a ladder and the lasher, and the ladder can enjoy the amulet of destruction and the area of fear together.

Q. It is expected that achieving level 99 will be easier. Is there a reason for speeding up?

Michael Busekosky: As the area of fear is added, level 99 achieved can be easier than before. Our biggest goal was to make it easier to access this play experience. I wanted to provide more users with the opportunity to reach level 99. In the existing play pattern, it was not an area where many users challenge to reach the high level. Depending on how you play, the speed of achieving level 99 may be shortened, but it may be difficult to say that this process is easier.

Q. There is an opinion that farming does not feel much change. Is the 50 huge amulets set in PTR characters related to the realm of fear?

Robert Gallery: There is a part that can be tricky in testing new features. From the user's point of view, you will be looking forward to how new features and content will be felt, starting from level 0, gaining equipment and growing naturally. However, in the actual test, there are times when quick progress is needed in a short period of time. For this reason, the equipment required for the purpose of the test is also paid in advance, and powerful equipment is prepared to feel the experience of reaching the high level.

For example, in order to see how a blessed hammer paladin is equipped with optimal equipment, it is necessary to test with items that meet the level of the level. The balance control is not easy. From this point of view, the area of fear was introduced before the launch of the Ladder Season 2. I wanted to see how the players enjoy the new content of the realm of fear as a real character.

Q. There is significant interest in the amulet of destruction. Why did you add it?

Michael Book sky: Among the developers, there is a great expectation of the amulet of destruction. Perhaps it is the largest of the many changes that apply to the game. A year ago, Diablo 2: It seems that it was possible to realize what would not be possible when I first introduced leisure to the world through the amulet of destruction. The goal was to allow more users to enjoy a variety of builds, so I considered the choice of destruction.

I also understood that touching the resistance could affect certain builds. Nevertheless, it seemed to be an idea that could use the concept of immunity not only in the realm of fear but also throughout the game. I thought that the amulet of destruction went well with the direction the game pursued, and I would like to see how it will affect in the future.

Q. As I checked on the PTR, it was possible to put multiple disruptions in a character, unlike Gide's luck. Will it be maintained on the live server?

Robert Gallery: It will be maintained on the live server. It was also intended, but I didn't want to limit the creativity of users. The amulet of destruction has a very good effect, but it is not an item that can be seen because it is limited to immunity and a penalty. Thus, it was not necessary to technically stop it. If the user wants to use all the talismans of destruction, of course, you can do so. However, it may be necessary to consider this part because of the lack of space in the bag.

Q. Modification of the amulet of destruction was made. Is there a special reason for the change in the first option?

Michael Busekosky: There was a concern about what value can be given when I first introduced the talisman of destruction into the PTR. The biggest reason he tested was to listen to the players' feedback and see how they use it. And through this process, I tried to see if the design of the new content prepared is working as intended.

In the case of the talisman of destruction, there was an excessive penalty for the player. Physical immunity destroys is an example. In addition, if the options were in the range, it seemed to be more valuable and fun. Even if it has a talisman of destruction, I wanted to open the possibility that it could get the talisman of better options. I could learn various things through PTR.

Q. What is the difficulty of obtaining the amulet of destruction? Is it similar to Gide's luck?


Robert Gallery: In this part, I think I can answer in detail. It is expected that many players will be included as part of the TC (TREASURE CLASS) that the amulet of destruction is generally applied to the game. Gide's luck is the only unique rating of the game, so I can think of it as the same kind.

The general concept is that when I kill the monster, the TC is used, and the random figures will turn, and the loot is determined by the game system. It is chosen first of which kind of item will come out, and if it is a huge amulet, the type decision on whether it is a unique grade is made. Here, if a unique rating comes out, it is expected that Gide's luck or other talismans will be nominated.

However, the amulet of destruction was designed differently. The amulet of destruction is composed separately from other TC's. In other words, when killing a monster, it can be obtained at the same time as Gide's luck and destruction amulet at the same time. The process of determining the loot is different from the usual TC. The probability of acquisition is not possible in detail, but it seems that users can play the new season naturally. Acquisition is not at all impossible.

Again, our goal is to enjoy new content more people can enjoy


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