Konami official declaration of returning 'Silent Hill'

Silent As if INAMI is coming out, the information will soon be released by officially declaring the resurrection of 'Silent Hill', which continued to be endless tug-of-war.

INAMI announced the release of the latest series by sharing her official homepage address with the phrase 'Your anxious dream, see the village' with one image with a logo of silent hill on the 17th. The official website has her official logo, along with her language, region, and adults, and her date of birth.

INAMI will release information from the new series of series at 2 pm on the 19th (6 am on the 20th of Korea).

Silent Hill is a game that conveys fear through the form of a foggy world and bloody world in the background of the city of the same name. In particular, he also had many fans with survival horror, different from biohazard, who first appeared in the world.

Since then, the work was directed by Christophe Kings, famous for his descendants of the wolf, and was produced as a film. However, the game series walked down due to the dismantling of the team Silent, the development of the development team, the worldview, and the creation of the development team.

The series, which had been unfortunate for a while, was interested in the new film of Metal Gear Solid's new work, Silent Hills's teaser game (P.T.), with a shocking appearance and influencing many horror games. In addition to Kolyma, the game was also attracting attention for making a lot of history, such as film director Guillermo del Too, actor Norman Leaders, Horror cartoonist Ito June, Team Ninja's character artist Nose Mahavira, and Hiragana and Shot, a cinematic director of Prom's work.

However, INAMI suddenly canceled Silent Hills, a key to the resurrection of the series and a lot of fans. Since then, the members mentioned above have participated in the development of new Death Stranding with Kolyma, who left INAMI and founded a new studio, except for Ito June.

Rumors about the new Silent Hill, where the clock stopped, began to spin in 2020. In particular, in May, a number of concept arts and game images were released, and INAMI deleted it for copyright. In addition, the Blubber team, which signed a strategic partnership with INAMI, also talked about developing Silent Hill 2's remake.

The peak was the Game Water Management Committee called 'Leaked Restaurant'. The Game Committee announced in September that INAMI's video/console game was classified in the game grade classification decision. In addition, the title of 'Silent Hill: The Short Message', which has not been released in the meantime, has also been released.

Meanwhile, Christophe Kings, who was in charge of Silent Hill's first film, said in two interviews with overseas media that Silent Hill games of various works are being developed in the same rumor. He is currently leading a new film of Silent Hill, which is expected to be released in 2023.

What will the new Silent Hill look like? The content will be available for the first time on the 20th when the game details are released.


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