LOL - Worlds 2022: This would be a better five with the most veteran and young people of the World Cup

As the years progress in League of Legends, which yesterday completed the thirteenth anniversary, the careers of the professional players of this Mob are expanded. Throughout this phase of groups and series to the best of five, we have seen young talents, and veterans give the maximum in the invoked crack, generating quite interesting teams.

Next, we show you what would be the teams that would go out with the youngest and NBA 2K23 veteran players for each of the positions of league of Legends. Except Done, the others have passed to the semifinals of the World Cup .

TOP: * ODOM (Rogue) 27 years Jungle: Peanut (gen.g) 24 years Medium: Faker (T1) 26 years ADC: * Deft (DRX) 26 years Support: * Beryl (Dr) 25 years

A promising future for T1

Top: * Zeus (T1) 18 years Jungle: one (T1) 19 years Medium: ZETA (DR) 19 years

ADC: * Humayun (T1) 20 years Support: * Beria (T1) 20 years

Except Zebra, The young T1 block occupies this roster, that could also fight to win the invoked's cup, with a team with a lot of talent, communication and good synergy inside the invoked's crack. The average age of this quintet is under 21 years old, since there are several of them who meet before 2022, with Zeus as the youngest player with the 18 years.

Top One of the ones that may surprise the most is the case of Beria, despite being only 20 years old, it already has three World Cup experiences and in all of them yielding to a great level. In this edition, he has a huge opportunity to go far in the tournament and fight for a final that stayed just a map last year in a spectacular series against Damon Kia.


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