Metal: Hellsinger Mods: This is how you sneeze demons into your own music

In this Mod Guide to Metal: You can find out Hell singer:

  • Which mods are available for Metal: Hell singer
  • How you integrate your own music into the game

If you love the music in Metal: Hell singer, but do not know which songs and artists are involved, just drop by on our guide for all songs and artists!

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MODS in Metal: Hell singer: Demons snaps to hip-hop or classical

In the rhythm shooter metal: Hell singer is a prerequisite for playing music in order to be really successful. If the metal anthems that the game bring with you do not commit to you, you can integrate your own music into the shooter . It puts a lot of moods when you cut nasty demons into the gentle sounds of jazz or blues. Of course, you can also simply bring more metal songs into play.

So far ( status: 06.10.2022 ), other mods are not at the start-here it is primarily about modifying the game with your own music.

Which programs do I need for Metal Madden: Hell singer?

So that your songs can also be played optimally in Metal: Hell singer and you can play with the clock display and the multipliers, you first have to edit them in a external music program : FOOD Studio. This guide follows:


  • Creates an account on the website.
  • Finds version 2.00.08 of the Food Studio program under Older and downloads them.
  • Installs the program.

Then you still need the metal: Hell singer Mod package, in which there are all the data you need to insert your own songs. Follow the link, download the package and unpack it somewhere on your PC.

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Your songs optimally in Metal: integrate Hell singer

To import your own songs in Metal: Hell singer, you need them as a WAV file if possible. Also, very important: your song must have a defined, equally permanent pace (more precisely: a defined number of beats per minute, BPM for short). This is the only way to do Metal: Hell singer correctly reproduce the song in the game. If the pace of the song changes in between, it is unsuitable for the game. For example, you can find out the BPM number of your songs using the database. Note the BPM of your title so that you can enter them later in Food Studio.

If you have a song, Mod Package and Food Studio together, you proceed as follows:

So that you can get started, you have to open Food studio first and under the menu item File select the option Open Project and open the file from the mod package. Alternatively, you can also start simply said file from the folder of the mod package. On the left side of the program you can see the tabs Events, Bank and Assets above. Go on Events . There you will find the various folders of the project. Open Music and then the file Non-Examplesong . This is the title with which you can insert your own pieces of music into the game. In the open file you can see four traces: Logic Tracks, Tier 1 and Audio 1 and Master. Deletes the soundtrack in Tier 1 and pulls your song file to this point with a drag-and-drop. In Logic Tracks you will find the trail intro , which adapts to the length of the song in the lower soundtrack. To do this, simply pull the trail smaller with pressed mouse button. In addition, you enter your BPM number in the small blue field over intro behind the equality sign. Goes back to the overarching menu on the left. Open the folder Beat track , which is located directly under the Music folder. Grab the file that fits the BPM number of your songs. Insert it into Audio 1 and pulls the file to the length of your song. Go back to the left menu. Above you will find the Banks tab right next to the Events. Click on it and select Non-Examplesong Bank . Open the menu with a right click on the file. There you choose build. Go to the mod folder, grab the two files CustomSongs.Jason and Nonexamplesongbank. Bank and copy them in the Streaming assets folder in Metal: Hell singer. With a right click, opens the CustomSongs.Jason file in a text editor. There you can see various entries. Give the name of the level of Metal: Hell singer in which you want to play your song under Level . For example, you can enter Stygian there. Enter among the two Bank riders in the editor Nonexamplesongbank. Bank , changes the BPM tab to your BPM value and saves. Finished!

The game starts and the right level, and you can already destroy the demons to the sounds of your own music! Further interesting guides on Game : Metal: Hellsinger-trophies & successes of the rhythm shooter Xbox Game Pass: New games in October 2022 Metal: Hellsinger-9 tips & tricks for the rhythm shooter Visit to us Auflarbook and Instagram and discuss your favorite games with us!


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