[TOKEN2049] We Mix 3.0 Launched on October 20, the game release will be explosive from the fourth quarter.

Remade held a press conference at the blockchain conference 'token2049' held in Singapore on the 29th and explained more details about the Remix 3.0 Main net, WIMAX Dollar and Dies Protocol.

Prior to the full-fledged start, Gang Hyung said, We started developing blockchain games and platforms four years ago, and we have come to this point. We are striving to develop blockchain. I think that the introduction of new technologies in the traditional game industry and expanding to the platform business is creating a meaningful history.

Furthermore, he said, Crypto Winter and there are accidents related to stable coins, and no one has been making a stable coin. I'm spending a lot of time to make it.

With the success of Mir 4 Global, Remade felt that the digital blockchain economy needed a stable coin that could communicate intuitively in order to operate and grow, and to develop stable coins. In the keynote speech of Gang Hyung at the global cryptocurrency conference 'Talk 2049', the three conditions that must be equipped to become a stable coin presented stability, stable-native repulsiveness and scalability.

Remade's 'We Mix Dollar', which is made by the stable coin, can be a key currency in the entire blockchain in contributing to the expansion of the main net ecosystem of Remade if the stable coin works as intended, and the aspiration to promote this opportunity without missing this opportunity It also revealed together.

At the meeting, Gang Hyung unveiled the release date of the Remix 3.0 Main net on October 20. In the meantime, the launch of the game has been slightly slow, due to the overall market environment, and the number of games released is slowly increasing, and it is expected to explode in the fourth quarter.

The following is the question and answer at the press conference.

Q. Recently, no one has been making a stable coin due to the Crypto Winter situation. In such a situation, I'm curious about the background that I decided to be the best time to develop stable coin.

Last year was a year when the stable coin emerged as a hot potato. Many people were confused by the question, Where will you use the cryptocurrency itself? Even with unstable stable coins, the stable coin is not sustainable.

However, we realized that the economy of the Remix Eco System has grown with the success of 'Mir 4 Global', and that it will be difficult to grow further without stable coin. Nobody answered the price of Mir 4's game token, Draco. No one answered exactly what the NFT price is. Looking at this phenomenon, I thought that this could not be an economy. At least the price can be established as an economy only if you can talk to each other. So I felt desperate early this year that I needed a stable coin.

The timely manner is that it is not a stable coin because it is a crypto winter. We have felt the need for the need, so we will be able to pay it even though it is a crypto winter. In other places, the market situation is not made or not, so it is said that it is as good as it is.

Q. Many game companies do not disclose the in-game. But all Remade opened. I'm curious about the process and reason for making such a decision.

= In terms of 'management of information transparently', transparency is one of the core spirit of blockchain. So in the Remix dollar, you can see how many stable coins have been issued and how many USD Cs are. Transparency is the core of the blockchain, and I thought it was not right for the platform to create a blockchain game.

The opacity of the data leads to the opacity of operation. 'Why do you release it first?', 'Why is this game no support?' The platform that arbitrarily decides and proceeds internally without any specific reason cannot be successful. I think that games with transparent information and good achievements are needed to be more supported to make more profits, and it is necessary to be a successful platform.

** Q. The Remix Devi platform is a financial platform that is different from the game area. The most worried and concerned part of investors, coin buyers, and gamers is the company that has been developing games so far.

= Four and a half years ago, when I first started, I started small because I had no ability to create a blockchain. So it was important to use external resources efficiently. We had a choice to make side chains rather than direct main net.

But we caught the field of game well and did not give up when giving up others. Then, last year, I had a big success and became the world's No. 1 blockchain game. The chain that started small to capture these business capabilities was not right, so the necessity of the main net was created, and the company's resources were created by securing talent in line with business capabilities.

Last year, there were about 700 people, but now there are about 1,500 people. Most of the increased number of people are related to blockchain. Currently, comparable to the world's main net is very large. Sooner or later, the number of employees will be 2,000. It can be said that we are now in the quantity of the quality and amount of manpower.

Q. It is meaningful to turn from traditional game company to platform company, but what do you care most at the time of the company's identity changing?

= The company's culture is changing in the form of thinking about how to cooperate with other economics and coexist with them. Our platform game is good for our platform, and we must succeed when we are good. Platform operators must make others well. I have to be a company with platform thinking, but I think it can be successful as a perfect platform operator.

Q. We said that we can be the world's No. 1 main net, but compared to Ethereum and the main net that came out later, it is actually a natural ecosystem rather than investing or partnerships. The competitiveness looks higher. I would like to hear the strategy of Remade about how to grow in the future.

= Bitcoin or Ethereum has its own firm location. But after this, I think it's the main net who are competing for commercial competition. What I said is the first main net means that I will be the first of the main nets that are commercial competition.

For game developers, it should be a platform that can attach blockchain technology to the game, and for operators who have content that can create NFT, there is a platform that can issue NFT very easily and that can be issued in a highly desired way of freedom. It should be a platform that can be easily and safely intuitively and intuitively for financial firms and defies who want to do the service. In that context, I want to express our main net as 'platform driven'.

In other main nets, blank paper is often provided under the name of freedom. In other words, to use the main net, you must study and learn one by 1. But I think that's not an ideal platform. It is our intent to allow people with services and contents to be on our platform, even if they do not know blockchain technology, tokens, and NFTs, even if they have expertise in their own fields, it is our purpose to create their own services in our main net, and that we pursue. It means the platform driven.

Furthermore, it's been more than 40 years since the Internet, but the Internet itself hasn't made money. Money was made by companies such as Google and Facebook. In a similar context, I think that the economic value of successful and surviving commercial main nets will be bigger than the future Ethereum or tokens in the future.

Q. In the global market, the possibility of regulation of stable coins has been slightly since the Terra crisis. In this regard, I wonder how Remade is preparing by country and region.


= If you add dollars to your name in the stable coin, you should have a 100% dollar reserve. If you have been named 'WON' rather than the US Mix dollar, you should have 100% Hanna Reserve. This is so common and intuitive, and the government officials of all developed countries are the same. The regulation of the entire cryptocurrency is a common opinion of all authorities that the coin, which is called the stable name later, must be 100% reserve, and it is a common opinion of all authorities. Since this was the first condition of the good stable coin we think, we believe that if the WIMAX dollar is completely in line with it, and the law is enacted between them, it will be fully legally business in the future.

Q. In addition to emphasizing the Devi service, we emphasized the easy and comfortable UX and UI reorganization. I wonder how you are preparing for a countermeasure against a security accident.

= The reason why blockchain technology survives and blooms is that security is great. Other financial services


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