Wemade Play, 'G -Star 2022'

[ Moon Byung-soo] Remade Play announced on the 5th that it will participate in the game exhibition 'G-Star 2022' in BEX CO, Susan, operating the Remade Connect and BTB Community.


The two companies will prepare events to introduce each company's core competencies as a common denominator of blockchain technology and Wax play. Remade Play will introduce the advertising revenue business and the new business NFT-based membership 'ANI Pang Club' to expand partners and expand cooperation.

Remade Connect also focuses on the publishing business that launched four games this year in the global market, and will meet with developers who are preparing to enter the P & E market and global market. Social casino companies, Playing, will also participate in collaboration with global partners. Remade Play, Remade Connect, and G-Star's G-Star BTB venue will run for three days from November 17 to 19.

Lee Honda, CEO of Remade Play, said, We introduced the main business of each company that has grown into a mid-sized game company in Korea, and we have prepared a joint public hall to discover partners. He said.


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