FIFA 23 - TOTW 8: The new team of the week arrives with Mohamed Salah as a sign.

A new team of the week is available in FIFA 23 . This is the TOW 8 , which will be the penultimate before the major leagues of the entire planet are paralyzed on the occasion of the 2022 World Cup. With all the players already available in envelopes, we are not facing a collection particularly interesting. However, it does arrive with outstanding figures such as Mohamed Salah , protagonist in Liverpool's victory against the Spurs with two very important goals for his team. It also highlights Theo Hernandez , which is a guarantee on the left side and scored a very important goal in the victory of Milan against Special.


All FIFA Tow 8 players 23

The rest of the Tow 8 is made up of players with quite interesting socks, but that begin to fall short for how much FIFA 23 has evolved. Perhaps something else the latter, that despite its problems when it comes to the end it can be a luxury revulsion thanks to its very high speed and the exceptional dribble. However, most likely after the next Fut Champions we only take high socks to carry out the improvement SBC.

The complete list of Tow 8 players is the following

  • Diablos: 86 (Bayer 04, France)
  • UNACHU-DC: 82 (KRC Genk, Nigeria)
  • Belaïli-Mi: 84 (Ajaccio, Algeria)
  • Ávila-MD: 82 (Sauna, Argentina)
  • Salah-ED: 92 (Liverpool, Egypt)
  • Gabriel-DFC: 84 (Arsenal, Brazil)
  • Maddison-MD: 86 (Leicester, England)
  • Hernández-Li: 86 (Milan, France)
  • Bremer-DFC: 85 (Juventus, Brazil)
  • Tripier-LD: 86 (Newcastle, England)
  • Trapped: 88 (Contract, Germany)

Additionally, the template also has the following Alternate players : Schnabel (Nice, Denmark), David Lopez (Girona, Spain), Gloving (Monaco, Russia), Plea (Playback, France), Bonaventure (Florentina, Italy), Edwards (Sporting CP, England), Picardi (Galatasaray, Argentina), McCarthy (the FC, United States), Waters (Barrow, England), Gutkovskis (Krakow, Lithuania), Romeo (Ranching, Brazil) and Doyle (ST Pats, Ireland).

Tow rules in FIFA 23

Although they have not changed since the last edition, we review the Tow rules for less veteran players...

  • A player cannot be on the Tow two weeks in a row
  • The 'normal' versions of the players disappear from the envelopes during the period in which they are 'enhanced'
  • The TOW are only available from Wednesday of its launch at 7:00 p.m. to Wednesday after 18:59:59


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