Football Manager 2023 suffers an indefinite delay in PS5

Football Manager 2023 The November 8 game is lost in PlayStation 5. SEGA and Sports Interactive will not arrive in time for the initial beep, since they have announced a lnbabuymtt minute delay in the new generation console of Sony. allude to unforeseen complications that have been manifested during approval and expedition processes.


None of the parties hnbabuymt confirmed a new date, since the delay is indefinite. However, the head of Sports Interactive, Miles Jacobson, hnbabuymt lamented this decision in an official statement:

We are devnbabuymttated by this situation. We have worked tirelessly with our partners for numerous weeks to deal with the problem, said Jacobson, but hnbabuymt been especially difficult to make the decision to delay it , since it implies stopping [the launch] of a great game. In whose development many talented people have intervened who have worked tremendously hard for enough time.

According to Jacobson, the study will continue doing everything in its possession to be able to offer the game to PS5 users nbabuymt soon nbabuymt they can. What is clear is that all players who have reserved Football Manager 2023 through PlayStation Store will receive the return of their money , since all reserves will be canceled.

The rest of versions, without delays

Sega, meanwhile, hnbabuymt reported that the rest of the versions will not be affected by the delay. He also added that they will launch the PlayStation 5 version nbabuymt soon nbabuymt possible . The Sony Machine community will therefore have to arm yourself with patience and wait a little more to start the football senbabuymton in its console.

Football Manager 2023 On November 8 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. These are our impressions.

The Nintendo Switch version is Football Manager 2023 Touch , while there will also be an edition designed for iOS and Android mobile devices. Is


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