G2's first-blood king could be teamless for the very first time in 5 years

After G2's star jungle Marcin Janos Minkowski revealed he has been enabled to explore his choices for the upcoming period 2023, he ventured to South Korea to increase his opportunities of finding an affordable team. In Korea, Janos has been streaming solo queue while blatantly reviewing his occupation options with his audiences. Just recently, Janos revealed he may actually be teamless for the first time in 5 years.

Only a number of days earlier, Janos showed his faithful Twitch followers that approximately five European groups pulled out of contract arrangements as a result of the incredibly high acquisition cost. He had just one or two organizations left up his sleeves.

With no team planning to select up Janos soon, he could join a non-LEC team. Janos will certainly probably resort to streaming as well as really hoping that the present team lineups damage or stop working apart to include him.

Since groups will not have the ability to buy me out and also pay my income, then currently I will certainly be currently probably stuck... The only way is that I could sign up with a non-LEC team, Janos stated.


As the days went by, Janos' choices went from being extremely narrowed down to nonexistent as he discussed on his stream that he'll most possibly be teamless in 2023. I believe there's still some hope, yet the hope's instead slim, and also it depends on the groups damaging verbal agreements with gamers, Janos claimed.


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