Iem Major Rio - Keoz: Our lack of experience weighed in the decisive moments

Great sensation of European RMR after eliminating the trendy G2, Gamerlegio had 2 wins and no defeat in the Challengers Stage of IEM Major Rio, the first CS: GO of history made in azil. Despite the triumphs about 9Z and Team Vitality, the European team ended up not moving to Legends after 2-0 losses for Bad News Eagles, Curia and Cloud9, the last one in a double 16 x 13 in the overpass and Mirage maps.

One of GL's highlights of the 2022 season, Belgian Nicolas Keon Gus said in an interview with MGG azil that the team's lack of experience weighed on games that could secure the team in Legends Stage. Still, the player takes a positive balance about one of the sensations of CS: GO in recent months.

We are a very new team, with little experience in big events, and I think it has affected our performance in the last games. Against Bad News Eagles, we were dominated, and we know we could have played much better. In the game against Curia, we fell a lot At the end of hell. Against Cloud9, I think we made a good match, our best MD3 in the major, but we couldn't enjoy the advantage we had on the maps, especially at Overpass. In decisive moments, C9 managed to close the maps. I think This lack of experience of our team weighed, but I'm sure we will learn from our mistakes.

Even in the face of elimination at Challengers Stage, Keon evaluates that Gamer legion is experiencing an excellent moment in the season, and makes optimistic projections for the future, with the team gaining more experience in large events and being able to close the games that did not get on Major of Rio after being a victory of Legends.

КТО In European RMR, we were not among the quoted teams to qualify for the major, and here we are. We won G2 there, we defeated 9z and Vitality and show why we are here. Things do not end as we would like, but I'm proud of the team and of what we can achieve in recent months.

Over the four days of Legends Stage, Gamerlegio turned out to be one of the most emaced European teams by azilians, with the fans pushing the team in important duels, especially the match against Cloud9. For Keon, the connection with the public will be one of the best memories that the cast of GL will keep from IEM Rio.

The azilian fans were very kind to us all the time, and we would like to have spent more time with them, giving more autographs and taking pictures. We managed to do that, but these four days of championship were very running, so we spent less time with them what we would like. The support we received was amazing, and we want to play for the crowd here more often, he said

In this season, Gamer legion will still play another offline event, the ELISA MASTERS ESPOO 2022, held in Finland. Keon said that the team will probably have no other commitments at the end of the year, so they will seek a prominent campaign in the likely farewell tournament of the year.

Elisa Masters starts a few days after the end of the major, and will have some very strong teams participating. Our goal is to make the best possible campaign, fight for the title. We are living our best moment, and we believe we can fight for great goals. We still need Of more experience, but our work is on the right track, he concludes.


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