Pokemon Go Trip Hoenn Reported, Live Event Coming to Las Vegas

This marks the third year that Pokémon Go has hosted a Go Tour occasion, following comparable occasions focused on Kant and Photo. Each event has included rotating generates of Pokémon (usually based off of specific locations or habitats from the region) and consist of a ticket option that identifies which Pokémon players encounter throughout the event.

More information about Pokémon Go Tour: Horn will be announced quickly. The live occasion in Las Vegas will take place February 18-19, while the global occasion will take place on February 25-26.


Additionally, Pokémon Go will host a live occasion in Las Vegas, using improved play to people. The Las vegas live event will take location on February 18 and 19 and will include a story in which players actually coordinate with Team Go Rocket. Participants will get unique benefits and have actually an increased opportunity of finding Shiny Pokémon.

Earlier today, Pokémon Go announced Pokémon Go Trip: Horn, a new two-day worldwide occasion that will take location February 25th and February 26th. At this point, it's unclear whether the Pokémon Go Trip occasion will likewise feature Nucleon, the only Gen 3 Pokémon not presently in Pokémon Go. New Shiny Pokémon introduced in the occasion consist of Shiny Known H, Shiny Pursuit, Shiny Gulping, Shiny Tortola, Shiny Cancer, Shiny Tropics, and Shiny Reliant.


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