Rian Johnson does not give up with Star Wars after the lt Jedi and dreams of making a series

Ran Johnson, the director of the film The lt Jedi, surely the most controversial of the lt film trilogy of the saga, says he dreams of returning to the franchise and creating a series after directing episode VIII, the delivery that h created the most division Among fans, some to love her and others for detesting what he did at the plot. Be that it may, the filmmaker does not give up after admitting that his film represents the best experience of his life. This is collected by The Hollywood Reporter after interviewing the filmmaker.

in contact with Kathleen Kennedy de Lucfilm

Thus, with the future film of the Star Wars saga even in the air-despite the news about new trilogies or unique films by Ran Johnson or Damon Lindell (lost), among others-the filmmaker admits that he loves Both the franchise that would be willing to do anything of Star Wars. And if I had an idea that would excite me, it would work better a series than a movie, he sured The Hollywood Reporter.


So much so, that it is still constantly contact with Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucfilm, to talk about the future of Star Wars and think about new projects that can arouse the interest of fans after the controversial trilogy in charge of himself (episode VIII) and J.J. Abrams (episodes VII and IX). And according to Johnson, the lt Jedi w the best experience of my life, so I would be very fortunate, in reference to the possibility of returning to her at some point.

we say, for now there are no concrete ads about new films despite the not few news that these lt times have emerged on new film projects of the Galaxies War. At the moment, Star Wars fans can satisfy their thirst for new intergalactic adventures with the different Disney+series, with Ardor closing their first seon recently. And with the third of The Mandalorian when falling. And more real and animated products.


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