Tower of Fantasy, version 2.1 'Abyss of Chaos'

S-FANTASY Open World RPG 'Tower of Fantasy', which is developed by Gotta Studio and published by Perfect World Games and published by Perfect World Games.

The abyss of chaos is an unknown area hidden under Mirror City. It is a place full of mysterious energy beyond the common laws that people know. In addition to the new story, the new replica In appeared officially. She is a perfectionist who can't stand injustice, a strict ambition, a perfectionist who seats work, and is so popular that she doesn't know In except young children in Bella.

Lynn is a replica with the first eager attribute and is an all-rounder that suits any combination. After the inspection on the 22nd to December 21st, the In Weapon and Chipset Observation Probability Up ground Event will be held. In addition, there are various events such as attendance, starry nights, and pure white goddesses.

In addition, with the update of the 2.1 version, the new content fate was released. The assault of the fate is a content that 48 pioneers will fight to cover the last one, and they can select one or done mode and participate in the weapons or gears randomly. This content is held in the season and can be obtained as a reward for black pursuit according to the achievement tier after the end of each season.

Open World Game Tower of Fantasy was selected as the world's largest game awards ceremony 2022 The Game Awards (TGA) mobile game award category.


Tower of Fantasy has surpassed 10 million downloads since its launch in August, and has released a new desert and cyberpunk city map in version 2.0, showing a different atmosphere.

Tower of Fantasy can enjoy not only mobile but also PC versions. More information about the game can be found on the official website or the official lounge.


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