Valorant: With Revert Sweep and EVERYTHING, G2 Gozen is crowned as the first VCT Gamechangers champion

After several days of action within the VCT Game changers the squads could demonstrate a great level in each of the phases, having two finalist teams who gave their best battles to reach this point, on the one hand G2 Dozen arrived by the Superior bracket being the squad that does not know the defeat in this tournament on the other hand the Shopify Rebellion team arrives from the lower bracket defeating its eternal rivals Cloud9 White and Team Liquid.

Starting on a pearl map selected by the NA girls who began quite even inside the contest that puts things equally with a 6-6 during the first half, in the change of sides we see the reaction of the rebels with Powerful Strong with his chamber to have the advantage of the North American team that manages to take the first victory of the series.

Then on a BIND map the situation would be very similar to the previous one, but the European team managed to have Mary on her side that managed that Mr. would take control of the situation of Nero has Powerful, making a clear difference that would put things in their favor with a 13-9 that gives them victory.

With a complicated situation, the G2 team needed to concentrate to be able to turn the series, in an Ascent stage where the European team began by attacking the situation aggressively A brutal paste in each of the rounds to be able to leave an 11-1, in the change of Mimi roles would have the last word with great plays created with its k/I to be able to finish the map 13-3.

In the fourth map we would have icebox where again the G2 team would show a very solid defense with which he managed to overthrow the rivals thanks to Mary's shots that would put a 10-2, in the second half of the stage things did not change Much with the EMEA team being dominant to be able to send to a decisive map that decides which team will be the world champion.


A map of Breeze that would have the pressure to give the victory and the championship to any of the two teams, starting in the defense of the ninjas team began taking the lead thanks to the precision of Mary that gives him 9-3, for The second half we see a reaction of Na to get some rounds, but Petra would be the executioner that would put the end of the meeting with 13-5.

For the first time in history, the first Game changers champion team is crowned where the G2 Dozen squad manages to reverse Sweep that gives them the final victory with three maps in a row with a great domain, with a clean tournament where all their series the squad won the squad EMEA rises with the World Cup of this first edition, a tournament that leaves the spectators and agents wanting the next tournaments next year.


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