WB. Think of Harry Potter and remember that he can still make more films from The Lord of the Rings

The CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, Dave Slav, h had to deal with the question of the elimination of content in HBO Max. The manager h answered the shareholders' questions and h argued that clsic series such bonanza do not contribute to expanding the ms of subscribers. Thus, prefer to place the focus on successful sag such Harry Potter or Thrones game . In fact, the company's head h reminded investors that they still have the rights to develop films of The Lord of the Rings.

We are going to focus true attention on sag. We have not had a Superman movie in 10 years nor have we made a film by Harry Potter in 15 years. The success of the dragon's house, which h revitalized the Game of Thrones brand several years after the conclusion of the main series. We are going to take advantage of sex in New York or the Lord of the Rings. We still have the cinematographic rights of the Lord of the Rings .

Return to cinem

10 Warner Bros.'s strategy regarding movies changed after fusion with Discovery. According to Slav, The films have worked significantly better when they have premiered in cinem than when they have debuted directly in streaming services. Although productions such Dune or Matrix Resurrection reached cinem in Spain before HBO Max, in the United States they had a simultaneous debut in Sal and Streaming.

Warner Bros. Discovery prepares an anime movie set in the universe created by Peter Jackson. The Lord of the Rings: The Rohirrim War will be a prequel and will be releed on April 24, 2024, if there are no delays. These projects have nothing to do with power rings, Amazon Prime Video adaptation.


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