Bet On Call of Duty: The Best Bets, Strategies and Advice for Winning

Call of Duty is a rather popular video game of the First-Person Shooter category (FPS), whose translation would be first person shots. He is almost 20 years old in the video game market. It was created by the Infinity Ward company and is distributed by Activision. Over the years, Call of Duty has earned great popularity among the Gamer community. However, thanks to the boom of E-Sports, Call of Duty is not only a popular video game to have fun among friends, but has become a sports discipline and, naturally, bets.

Bet on Call of Duty: What is it

Betting on Call of Duty is an activity that has become popular in recent years. Mainly, it consists of choosing a candidate for winner and betting on the game. However, it is not limited to this modality. It can be a player or a team. This is known as direct commitment. In addition, we can get bets such as: Accumulator or Parlay: This bet is characterized by multiple forecasts as if they were a single bet. To win, all chosen options are needed. Thus, the profit margin is much greater. Logically, the risk is much greater than in a conventional bet.

  • Map winner: in the Tournaments of Call of Duty are played on several maps. However, in the Map mode, the bettor only needs to succeed who or which team will win on a map, regardless of whether they won the tournament.
  • Winner of the match: It consists of succeeding which player or team wins the tournament, regardless of how many maps he has earned previously.
  • First murder or First Blood: It consists of succeeding which player or team will make the first withdrawal to an opponent.
  • Total casualties: To win in this type of bets, the number of total casualties that a team will make during the game or the map must be hit. In addition, you can find other types of bets. For example, hitting the number of shots at the head or headshots, casualties, number of planted pumps, rounds, higher score, etc.

The Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League or Call of Duty League is a professional e-sports league. This consists of a Playoffs tournament and format system instead of the use of promotions and descents. This style of play is quite popular in other e-sports. One of the main characteristics is that players in the list have guaranteed a minimum annual salary, benefits and part of the profits and the distribution of income according to the performance of that team. In the League, each game is played between two teams and consists of who will be the best of five through different games. These are based on game and maps modes. The three multiplayer modes used by the Call of Duty League include: Search and destroy: here, a team tries to place a pump and defend it in one of the two control points. On the other hand, the opposite team will try to remove the pump team or, failing that, look for the active pump and disable it. Hard point: This game modality is to appear at a rotation control point on the map. Then, the teams gain points to maintain control at that point. Domination: In this mode three control points appear on the map, and the equipment receives points maintaining control of one or more of these points. In the case of searching and destroying and domination, multiple rounds are played. In the process, the roles of each team are changed. On the other hand, in Hard point it is played until a points limit is reached. Subsequently, once a team has won three games in a game, the round is over and that team gets the victory. Various teams from different parts of the world participate for the League of Call of Duty.

Tips for beginners

It is always difficult to start betting, regardless of what discipline. However, taking into account the wide variety of betting modes in Call of Duty, rookie players are recommended to start betting on the winner of the competition. Subsequently, by acquiring more experience, you can expand your horizon to other forms of bets.

Game strategies

There are several strategies to perform a bet with minimal risks. However, then, we will show some that can be useful: Look for a good betting house. Always look for the best fees. Follow the tipsters, your experience can be very helpful. Look at the team with the best career and don't get carried away by favoritism. Avoid looking at the number of casualties of a team at the time of making live bets. The amount of casualties is not a complete indicator of success.

Parties analysis

The analysis of the matches will help you determine the possible causes of the failure or the success of a team. With this information, you will learn the criteria to take into account for the next bets you make. You can look for analysis of matches made by professionals in the game and learn from the criteria they take into account. Similarly, you can take a second glance for yourself.

The best betting houses to bet on Call of Duty

Finding an adequate betting house is a crucial part of the betting process. Of course, this is not an easy task, since there are many betting houses, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The most recommended, based on legality, bonds, quotas, offer, commissions and means of payment are: Bet365.


  • Hot.
  • Betray.
  • Cedar. Similarly, in this list of bets Mexico you can detail each in depth and choose the one that best suits you.


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