How to be born a man in Japan - the leadership of Bitlife

In addition to fashionable and profitable career options, one of the best things in Bit life is the ability to configure the perks and characteristics of your character. You can configure almost everything on behalf of the country of birth, during the design of the character.

In this regard, the last test of Bit life, Death Note Challenge, requires players to configure a male character born in Japan. So, if you are a beginner in the game and do not know anything about customization, read the instructions below.

How to create a men's character from Japan in Bit life

Open Bit life and click a three-lane icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Choose a new life from a long list of options in a new window. Now change the name of your character, the country of birth and the city of shift, clicking on separate buttons. You can give your avatar any name to your liking. We recommend giving the name of Japanese origin to make the script more authentic. In addition, make sure that you have chosen male as a floor. For a district of origin, scroll the list and select Japan as your homeland. The next option allows you to configure the city of your birth. In the current version, you can choose six different real places from Japan as a starting point. Fukuoka Hiroshima Kobe Kyoto Nagoya Osaka Tokyo Yokohama After setting up, click Start Life to start your journey. In addition, if you have a God's regime, we recommend changing the attributes mind and appearance by 100%in order to also fulfill the second test task.


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