How to dismount with a dragon at World of Warcraft Dragonflightlight


Have you ever flew to the desired place in order to try your best to get out of it when you need? We, too. But we found the perfect solution to this problem, and it is easier than you think. Here's how to dismount from the dragon at World of Warcraft Dragon flight.

Dragon Hurry in World of Warcraft Dragon flight

By pressing your dragon, being riding, you are in a hurry from your dragon, regardless of whether you are high in the sky or sit on the ground. However, we found that this seems a little unnatural due to how the old World of Warcraft work. Old Mountains did not replace your main skill panel, so pressing any skill before action led to a hurry. However, since your main panel is redeveloped, you need to click any skill not on the main panel in a dismount in the same way. Quite easy!

And the last thing that should be noted regarding the new dragon panel is that you can use your own skills on it. So, if you are a hunter for demons and want to dismount, by clicking on the Glen button, as you did in the past, then you can place it on the main panel and execute it in the same way.

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