How to play hide and seek among us

Among us quickly became one of the most popular online games on all platforms, including among us in virtual reality, allowing players to search for competitors and strike friends in the back on every corner. Despite the fact that this is a rather standard game with the same basic rules, the players found ways to show a creative approach and change the gameplay using their special gaming modes, such as hide and seek. You can place your own hide and seek server using these settings and rules.

Rules for the game of hide and seek among us

There is no magic button to turn the server into hide and seek, but you can establish some basic rules that players should follow. In order for this to work, all players must agree not to report the murders and allow the seeker/impostor to do their own business. You can control this by setting the maximum number of emergency meetings for one, and also making sure that you have only one impostor. The impostor will be a seeker and must declare himself at the beginning of the game, calling a single emergency meeting. Then the players all go through the meeting without voting for him. After the meeting, all players should disperse and hide while the impostor is counting and turning off the food.


Now, when it has dark and all players have shelters, an impostor can begin to search and kill as many players as possible. The light should remain turned off throughout the game, so that it was more difficult to see the impostor, and it was easier for the players to hide. In this mode, it is not required to complete the tasks, unless you want to complicate the task of players. The last player who survived becomes a winner.

What settings should you have for hide and seek in among us?

You can use these settings to configure your hide and seek server, but it completely depends on you. You can change things for your own unique turn. Furthermore, you can choose user settings by clicking Create a server and opening the menu on a laptop in the server lobby. Here are the most important recommended settings: Impostors: 1 Emergency meetings: 1 Discussion time: 15 s Voting time: 15 s Vision of a teammate: 1.5x or 2.0x Vision of the impostor: 0.5x or 1.0x Distance of the murder: short It is extremely important that the impostor’s vision is lower than that of the teammates, so that the hide and seek a hide and seek for players to hide. You can also choose whether to reduce the time for the restoration of the murder, allowing the impostor to catch two hiding players who are nearby. You can also decide whether to include tasks and what types of tasks are suitable. After you have all the settings that you would like to install, make sure that you have acquainted all joining players with the rules, and you are ready to start.

Enjoy a new turn and double fear when you see an approaching impostor. Looking for more content for Pro Game Guides Among us? Check out our guidelines on how to get the Jeff Cayley mask in Among us or among us tears Crewmate Collab with the TUBE Hollie agency!


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