LOL Faker's Message That Made Deft Laugh

A few days after the end of the year, some League of Legends competitions take the opportunity to do some exhibitions as a warming of what we will see in 2023. One is the South Korean League (LCK), which created a kickoff event with teams led by Faker, three-time world champion for T1, and Deft, Worlds 2022 champion for DRX and new Damon Gaming reinforcement. The two veteran players have selected their teammates to face at Summoner's Rift on January 10, as well as playing various individual games on the Howling Abyss map. The teams that formed by the LOL stars were as follows. Team Faker: Dud, Willer, Faker, Viper and Berry DEFT Team: Morgan, Buzz, Chevy, Deft and Peter

Faker's congratulations to Deft for the Worlds 2022

While Faker and Deft were preparing to star in a duel of Yahoo vs.

One, Faker congratulated the title shooter at the World 2022. The conversation was taken from a Weibo post and translated by Crystallization, a specialized profile of the South Korean league.


This was this conversation: -Faker: Hyukkyu-Yah Deft: Hm? -Faker: Hyukkyu-Yah Deft: What? -Faker: Congratulations on winning Worlds For some reason, both DEFT and the commentators of the match have not stopped laughing at this comment. Faker, after this moment of happiness and relaxation, did not hesitate to kill Deft a few seconds after saying that. Another unusual moment of this presentation of the competition was the South Korean host Jun, who did something like the Argentine reporter who interviewed Messi in the World Cup semifinals, thanking Faker for everything he did at Lol: As a league fan, and Not like Caster, I'm glad you're still active. Faker thanked the words and sent a message of love to fans who never left him and always showed support in the good and bad times.


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