The devastating combo that breaks Marvel Snap: How to get a Black Panther with 2,000 million power points


Two months after its launch, we still glimpse to what extent Marvel Snap hides combos capable of destroying our opponent. To show a button, the possibility of carrying Black Panther to 689,730 points of power.

Through one of those somersaults of destiny capable of making all the stars align, this devastating Black Panther combo is not only able to break the schemes of our opponent, but also the game itself.

The Perfect Marvel Snap combo: Black Panther and Wong

As you will discover next, that of this combo is not a guide of letters to use. If you need a good Black Panther deck to take advantage of the last letter from the Marvel Snap season pass, better go to this guide.

What you will see below, discovered by one of Polygon's colleagues, is one of those beautiful coincidences capable of throwing everything we know about the synergies of the game and that is that, how the game is destroyed at the visual level, it is clear that it is something they had not planned.

The key is in the appearance of the Citadel Location of Onslaught, capable of doubling our skills, and the ability of Black Panther that doubles its total power when revealed. It only takes a little additional magic to get the miracle.

With Wong already prepared in the same location to double the skills to reveal, an Iron heart willing to snort our letters a little more and the appearance of Odin in the last turn to quadruple our effects, the show is served.

However, the thing does not end there. In case you are interested in taking it even further, another similar combo would imply having Onslaught on a table, copying his ability with Mystique, throwing Wong and then, to the friend Black Panther in a seven turn forced by Magic. The combo rises even more to exceed 2,000 million power. I leave you a video, so you can enjoy the show.

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