The Many Effects And Restrictions Of The DMW In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The main part of the battles of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is DMW. This is deciphered as digital mines and randomly rotates throughout the battle. After activation, you can get various effects and powerful attacks. This can make you think about how DMW works in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. DMV is slot machines in the upper left corner of the screen. You will notice various numbers and portraits of characters when it rotates. You will receive a bonus, appeal or exceeding the limit, depending on what numbers or characters you will receive. Your SP is spent while the wheels rotate, so collect as much as possible during the game. When the images coincide up, it can activate Limit Break, Summon or a positive effect. As you move, you will receive more portraits of characters, increasing the number of options available to you.

The images that you receive are random, so you cannot count on this in difficult situations. There is also a boundary state that increases the level of matter when certain numbers are built.

Best DMW effects in FF7 Crisis Core

The best DMW effects in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: 777 as well as 111. They make you invincible and immune to all damage. This allows you to attack as you want without fear of getting damage. In addition, 77--The excellent DMW effect, as it allows you to spam your strongest matter for free. Here are all DMW effects in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

All DMW effects in FF7 Crisis Core

  • 777:
    • Invincible (limited time)
  • 666:
    • Critical (limited time)
  • 555:
    • Zero physical damage (limited time)
  • 444:
    • AP costs zero (until the end of the battle)
  • 333:
    • Zero magical damage (limited time)
  • 222:
    • Zero cost mp (until the end of the battle)
  • 111:
    • Invincible (limited time)
  • 77-:
    • AP and MP are zero (limited time)

Best Limit Breaks in FF7 Crisis Core

In Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, various limits can be earned. Many of them can be earned through history, some will require the implementation of certain mission. Each of them can increase the level, and their effects intensify. Here are our recommendations for the better breakthrough of the limit in the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.


  1. The healing waverers
  2. Happy stars-civil
  3. Haste attack-sore throat
  4. Apocalypse-Genesis
  5. Meteorite shot-cloud
  6. Air blow-Tsalg
  7. Chain sectional
  8. Onto Slash-Sephirok To obtain additional information about Final Fantasy, read the sections how to avoid a battle in Crisis Core, and what gives an entry into the fan club in Crisis Core? In professional game guidelines.


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