The Truth Behind The Myth That Dragons Can Fly

A myth has persisted for centuries; dragons can fly. Dragons are large, and not the best at flying.

In addition, compared to other extensions, you are not surrounded every meter of mobs on the dragon islands. The mob-pro-meter ratio needs to be substantially higher than on the Borden. It is not for nothing that the continent bears the addition the icy expanses. Anybody who puts a longer stick back into the ice crown, an estimated one kilometer for a single mob or NPC. Even if the dragon islands with the high-speed install may appear small, the extent of the material that you hurry over it is much greater. To the homepage to the gallery

In the interview rounds prior to Dragon Flight, the designers mentioned that the dragon islands are the largest zones they have ever created. You have to be that too, due to the fact that with a dragon riding mount, which is quick with over 1,000 percent, you owed from A to B much faster than with your 310 percent flying animal. But shortly after the start of Dragon Flight, among the criticisms was that the dragon islands were far too little. This statement was even part of the unusual social media campaign specially developed by Blizzard. Are the critics right? Are the zones too small for dragon riding? Do the dragon islands offer too little since they are too small? We measured and compared.

Rachel Islands vs. Borden in size contrast

Advised editorial inhale at this point you will find external content from [platform] To safeguard your individual information, external combination is only displayed if you confirm this by clicking Load all external load: All external material will agree that external content is shown. This suggests that personal information is transmitted to third-party platforms. Find out more about our privacy policy. External content more about this in our data protection statement. All sorts of comparisons with Classic or Shadow lands zones are made on Reddit. The article above shows that a dragon flight location (coast of awakening) is two times as big as a Shadow lands area (Greenwald). As a comparison, critics like to take Borden at hand. Borden is the biggest of all growth islands and has 9 zones instead of 4 whole. The comparison with the dragon islands is a bit unjust. Both basic growth zones. So you can currently make the contrast. Let's go. In our undoubtedly not one hundred percent clinically right contrast, we simply selected ourselves out to the 4 diagonally remote points of the continent, on the opposite side placed a card marking and looked at the display screen of how far the marking is gotten rid of. Thanks to the Add-on Unlimited Map Pin range, our spacer does not disappear, and we are displayed in meters.

the measurements of the dragon islands

WOW: Are the dragon islands too little? We have determined and compare (1) source: A couple of land masses are cut off a bit or a little sea as a location that are not relevant for the gaming experience. However, that's enough for a rough size comparison. This implies that the dragon islands are a great 60,000 square kilometers based upon our markings. As I stated, the calculation of the square kilometers is not one hundred percent proper, since you need to in fact compute the angles and the diagonals. We do not consist of the islands in the west of the Stephen from Oh' Sahara due to the fact that they are just there for decoration. There are neither mobs nor NPCs, occurrence or other things. We also overlook the prohibited island since only the rather can go here during the start. For this we do not include the death knight start area at the Borden

the dimensions of Borden.

WOW: Are the dragon islands too little? We have actually measured and compare (2) source: It is a little more difficult to determine north end, since the shape is not as compact similar to the dragon islands. We take Hrothgar's land in the north with us fairly due to the fact that there are mobs to the north, which in theory even have to be defeated for everyday quests at the Argent tournament.


In the diagonal from Malaria in the west to the howling fjord in the east, we take some dead sea surface area with us, but also cut something from the Korean tundra and the southwest of the fjord. In general, the appropriate land mass fits somewhat again. Borden thus comes to a good 80,000 square kilometers. So Borden is larger than the dragon islands. The following also applies here: Without the exact coincidence of the angles and diagonals, we are rather removed from the exact outcome of the square kilometers. For a streamlined discussion, you can take the widest and longest point in the areas. In this case, the dragon islands are 11 km broad and 11 km high.

Borden, on the other hand, is 14 km wide at the widest point and for 11 km long with Hrothgar's landing point, with some sea flows here.

the naggers were right?

No not real So a 14-year-old growth has more to use than a current wow extension with superfast dragons since the zones were bigger at the time? That is obviously nonsense. Since what you have to consider in addition to length and width of the zones is the height. The dragon islands are far larger and the material is likewise designed for climbing these high dots and not just only idle mountains.


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