Amongst these drawings is a drawing of Ish, a character who is mysterious and important to the plot. Meet Ish: The Last of Us of HBO's Mysterious Character.

In episode 5 of The Last of Us of HBO, we have many drawings, most of which are made by Sam to help the attic room in which they live is more home.

However, when the group is directed towards the sewer, some drawings more made by the children who lived there in a settlement are found. In a drawing, there is an image with a name to the side that awakens people's curiosity.


Here is everything you need to know about who is a ish in The Last of Us of HBO.

Who is Is in The Last of Us?

In the video game The Last of Us, Is his a character that is only seen through notes that the player, such as Joel, can collect while exploring. When collecting these notes, you can know that this character was at sea during the outbreak and finally reached the ground near a Pittsburgh sewerage entrance. From there, he toured the sewers and found people with whom he could exchange supplies, finally creating the suburban community found by Joel, Ellie, Sam and Henry. Although it has never seen it in the game, the notes refer to Is has thin, agile and cunning, and that uses police 'riot equipment, similar to that currently using by the military. He is supposed to stole from a police officer or a dead soldier.

Is Is dead in The Last of Us?

Currently, Is's fate is unknown, despite the fact that he and the group that lived in the community were in danger one day after the door of the security house was accidentally left open, which allowed the entry of an infected hired. Is, a woman named Susan and some children managed to escape. The last thing we hear about the group is that Is his protecting them somewhere from the suburbs.

Who is Is in The Last of Us of HBO?

Answered Until now in the program, everything we know about IS His that he uses the same riot team of the police mentioned in the game in the image we see in the sewer settlement. There are no indications that it will appear in the program, but it certainly seems possible considering all the secondary content that has been added. Or that, or it was just a good wink to the material of origin. That is all you need to know who is a ish in The Last of Us of HBO. To get more information, including all deaths so far, be sure to look for Infinite. Related Posts Is Sam Sold in The Last of Us game? Answered Why did Ellie rub her blood in Sam's infection in The Last of Us of HBO? What is the name of the comic that SAM finds in The Last of Us of HBO? Answered Who plays Henry in The Last of Us from HBO? Answered How do Henry and Sam die in The Last of Us? Answered


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